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Posted in Working Mothers on 29th December 2010

This is for all the young moms out there!!!?
Who are teen mothers? We know who we are. We are individuals. Each with our own story and our own dreams. We are women who had our babies in our teen years. We know who we are……but do you? We hear people talk about us on the street, and in the store. We read about ” teen mothers” in the paper. We wonder…”who are they talking about?” This is what we hear and read: ” Babies having babies.” “I hope your’re babysitting”.”Your life is over now.” “How old was she when she had him.” “They just think their babies are dolls to dress up and show off!” “They will be wellfare moms forever.” They dont know us. Do you? If you did this is what you would learn…. We are individuals and our lives are not over. Mant of us stay in our high schools, vocational schools, and colleges and we intend to finish. We are confident that we can reach our goals. We look upon parenting as a challenge, not an obstacle. We are committed to our children and don’t take the job of parenting for granted. We seek information and help when we need it. Of course we like to show our babies off ( what parent doesn’t). We are rightfully proud of them not ashamed and we know they are not dolls. We love the individuals they are and we are excited and pleased to see them grow and develop. We are excellent role models for our children because we are working hard to attain our goals. And our children are not doomed or deprived because we are young. They are happy and smart, loved and cared for very much. You’d see that if you took the time to observe before you judge us because of our age. So please don’t talk about us as we pass! If you are a parent you will find we share many of the same concerns, joys, and challenges. Be role modles for us save your negative comments and your unasked for advice. But remember that a high percentage of all pregnancies are unplanned and some of these will be teen pregnancies. All the posters in the world won’t make us go away! And most of all acknowledge and appreciate us for our commitment to the challenging job of paretning. We know who we are. We are building good lives for ourselves and our children. We can struggle and do it alone, or you can lend us you confidence and assistance. You can continue to view us as statistics or as a part of an epidemic social problem or you can look beyond the stereotypes and know us for who we really are…. We are young mothers each of us with our own story and our own dreams. AND WE ARE DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!

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Answer by phatygurl143143
“The best revenge is to live well” I had my 1st when I was 19, 2nd when I was 22 and 3rd 6 months ago at 23, My children have always had everything they need and more, plus more love than words can describe. Without welfare, foodstamps, etc. Sing it sister!!!

Answer by Sarah
i am not a teen mother, i am only but 13

but i solute you

Answer by justme
Well said but not reality for lots of teenage girls with children. I hope you do succeed in your dreams and goals.

Answer by xchasingsummerx
Good for you.

Answer by aydensmommie
everything you had to say truely touched me. im 18 yrs old and i had my son 2wks ago. i love him more than anything else in the entire world. i wouldnt trade him for anything. people judge teen mothers by our age and not our maturity level. there are plently of women who are older and less stable then many teen mothers. thanks for everything you said im sure many people will be touched my this as well. teem mothers are just like any other mother, we just happen to be a little younger. and just because we are younger it doesnt mean we love our children any less. every mother is the same in my eyes, we all want to be the best we can for our children, teach them everything we can, and love them unconditionally. regardless of age, a mother is a mother no matter what.

Answer by Amanda
AMEN TO THAT! I’m technically not a teen mother, I had my daughter 17 days after I turned 20, but had she come a couple weeks early instead of a week late, I would have been.

I hate that people judge me because I am now 21, with an almost 2 year old, and I’m pregnant. I also hate how people assume that my daughter wasn’t planned just because I’m young. She wasn’t, but it’s no one’s business, and anyone 10 years older then me would probably never be asked that question.

I’m a damn good mother. I’m in college getting my RN so I can bring more beautiful babies into this world as a labor and delivery nurse. I’m GOING to finish, and since I go to classes at night, about 1/4 of the people in my classes are parents too, all of them going to finish college as well. My daughter is one of the most intelligent 21 month olds I’ve ever met. She’s happy and healthy and the fact that I was younger then what society accepts when I had her makes no difference.

It’s unfortunate that it’s the young mothers that get noticed when they’re not doing their job as mothers. Because sincerly, there are plenty of young mothers that are NOT ready to be mothers. However, I think everyone forgets that there are just as many 30 year olds out there that have kids and are STILL not ready to be mothers.

Either way, I stand tall, ignore comments about my age, and go on teaching my daughter about being a strong women, because no matter what anyone else says, you need to do what’s right for you. And that’s why I PLANNED to get pregnant with my second at 21 🙂

Answer by amanda b
Right on:)

Answer by QwEeNLaTiNa
I am a teen mother and im proud of it..i got pregnant with my son at 16, had him just after i turned 17.
Im 18,my boyfriend is 20, and our son is 13 months old now.
I dont regret a thing, i have learnt and grown so much all thanks to my son.
Theres so many things i’ve got that an 18 year old usually doesnt.
I’ve got my own place, my own growing family.

My son has everything he needs and much more. We (me and my boyfriend) have provided for him and cared for him on our own.
AND people still manage to judge, even though we have gotten so far.
We have proved alot of people wrong, and we are so proud of that because we shut all theirs mouths.

People are always going to find something to judge someone else on, and i guess young mothers seem to be a good target for them.

Being a parent is the most wonderful challenging job i will ever have for the rest of my life and i will make sure i do everything i can to be best of my ability.

Being a parent for the first time is hard no matter what age you are, 16-25-30 if you are a first time mother, just cause you are older doesnt mean you are going to be more expierence if you have never had a child before.

Good on you girl fo speaking out for all of us young mums out there! =]

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