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Posted in Child Support on 21st December 2010

Things you should know about Florida Child Support

When there is a divorce or paternity case, the support to the given to the child or children by the parents is the most important issue. The main issues that are decided are the amount of money that the non residential parent will pay for the child support, which is decided after the custody, property division, and alimony that has awarded. In Florida, child support is decided on the ratio of the combined incomes of the parents which means the more both of you earn, the more both of you have to pay.

After careful hearing of both the parties, the court may order either parent to pay child support during and after the dissolution of the marriage proceeding in an equitable amount, which is based on the nature and circumstances of the case. Florida child support is typically calculated by using a Child Support Worksheet (the formula is called the “Child Support Guidelines which takes into account both parents’ income). The worksheet is used to generate an appropriate Florida child support obligation that has to be borne in accordance to both the spouse’s income and also taking into consideration other factors such as taxes to be paid, health insurance premium to be paid and other obligatory expenses.

Using figures arrived at after the calculation and taking this amount at the baseline, the judge can deviate up or down by 5 percent without any findings or more than 5 percent after making specific findings to justify the deviation. This means that additional support may be awarded if the child is already attending private school tuition or has a serious medical condition. The judge may also appoint a guardian to help manage the child’s financial interests generally through a trust fund if the paying parent has a very income and the amount of the support greatly exceeds the needs of the child. This is done mostly by trust funds.

A parent in Florida has to pay the money for child support and he or she cannot waive the child support under any circumstances. Just because both the parents have equal visitation or custody schedule and rights it does not mean that neither party will pay child support. Child Support Guidelines is compulsory and will always have to be calculated in all case s involving children. Due to the strict guidelines and rules the judge cannot deviate from the child support amount that has been calculated in accordance to the guidelines.

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