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Posted in Babysitting on 8th February 2011

Thing to do with a ferret…?
I am “babysitting” my sister’s young ferret for the day.Is there anything I can do to help entertain him…he is very rambucious 😀 We have alot of cat stuff, can I see if he will play with cat toys? I looked at websites, but they jst had toys to buy. Thanks

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Answer by D4V4RENO
small cat toys can entertain them, yes

Answer by Winterberry
gloves, belt, small scarf, a custom coat collar, lots of things to do with a ferret.

Answer by elpidia64
I used to own 4 ferrets! and yes they will play with cat toys, my ferrets liked playing with a plastic bag. i would stick my hand in it and make noise on the ground with the bag and they would play around with my hand(in the bag). you could also try getting a piece of string and spinning it around or dragging it around, the ferret will probably follow it 🙂

Answer by Sacred
I also have a Ferret. They are really fun and I hope u have fun too. I would play around with him/she lots. If there is any free room In the house, close all the exits so he/she can’t escape and he him run around a little giving him freedom. Also I would feed him maybe like every 1/2 hours. Depends how hunger he is.

Answer by tess
Cat toys would work.

Also if you can take him out of the cage (if he’s in a cage) and put him in an enclosed area, they like to run around.

Answer by Net Answers
Bring it to the mall.

Bake chocolate chip cookies.

Go to the playground.

Be a top contributor on Yahoo Answers.

Read a picture book.

Eat a carrot.

Collect stamps from around the world.

Pillow fight!!!

Answer by lnsybean444
It depends on the ferret but my guy loves to play chase. He also loves jumping at towels and running after balls, just dont expect the ball to be brought back. Plastic bags with the handles cut ( and close supervision) are also fun. Cardboard boxes with treats hidden inside and tug or war with socks can be entertaining for a ferret.

Answer by mypetsc&b
He would looove cat toys as long as they aren’t rubber- which ferrets love to eat. The rubber will cause a blockage, so it’s better to avoid that! If he likes to get wet, you can fill your bathtub with enough warm water to let him swim around. If he doesn’t like it, take him out and put towels all over the bathroom floor. He’ll go crazy trying to dry himself and will hop all over the bathroom. Most ferrets have fun doing that. Just make sure that if the litter box is clean or not on the floor. Most ferrets, when wet, enjoy rolling around in their litter box. Good luck!

Answer by Roger G
Ferrets will pretty well find anything you offer them amusing. Cat toys, toilet paper rolls, your feet. See some info at Today’s Pet for ideas.

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