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Posted in Child Care on 27th April 2014

The Typical Scorpio Attitude?
Is it typical for scorpios to have that “i don’t care” attitude and lack ambition?

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Answer by alexander
no. they are super sensitive, a water sign, so theres no way they are “i dont care”…i dont care attitude is that of aquarius and capricorn

Answer by x-coke-x
Nope. Usually they’re passionate about pretty much everything either they love it or hate it they aren’t indifferent to most things so if you know a scorpio who is like that then maybe there’s a reason for he/she acting this way.

Answer by (Jack) likes fat girls
My girlfriend is exactly like that!
No to the second half.
She’s very ambitious but lacks emotion.
Well, it’s not that she lacks it, she just pretends everything is a blow-off.
And that nothing bothers her.

Also, two of my other greatest friends are Scorps. They’re natural comedians, sharp, and ambitious…. but they still have that idc attitude.

Answer by A Money
I agree with Alexander. Scorpios are intensely emotional creatures, if we’re generalising based on sun sign (moon sign matters more for emotions and general attitude). They are however, very private people so the whole “I don’t care” thing is likely to be a facade in order to protect themselves and mask any pain they’re feeling.

The need to develop real trust before they open up about things so the easiest way to get people to leave them alone is to put on the “I don’t care” face. Lack of ambition can affect anyone and is often due to depression, though can sometimes be a result of family socialisation. For example, working class families are less likely to encourage their children to seek deferred gratification (work hard, get an education, play later) and will not be bothered when they seek immediate gratification (go out and partaaay)!

Answer by Pretty Wings
No they are pretty motivated and determined and stubborn in a way.
the “i don’t care, don’t give a fck” attitude sounds more like aquarius.

it’s ok i’m an aqua and ppl sometimes think i’m a scorpio.
i sometimes lack ambition..

Answer by LisaMythical
They don’t lack ambition but they do at times have really bad attitudes and I find them surprisingly snobby. With Scorpios you never know what they’re feeling, they’ll even throw an insult at you, it’s ridiculous! 🙂

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