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Question of Privacy : The socialization of children ?
Enabled: Statistics Tracking children’s education and child care vary from society to society. to explore some of these differences on the Internet, type the keyword “childcare” in one of the available search engines such as Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com/). You can also try “childcare.” to try to discover some of the kinds of values and practices in the United States. Can any of the social characteristics of those that a particular view before? Try the same exercise, to several different countries. (For letters, the search for the last “dot” followed in the address. You could find CA (CA), United Kingdom (England), au (Australia), or JP (Japan). Write a one-way or two- paper describes the similarities and differences you find in children’s education and child care practices, please do the countries, the religious vs. those who can by another basic institution such as government or business are dominated explore dominated Best Answer:..

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