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Posted in Child Care on 4th January 2011

The NBA is a business before anything: Agree or Disagree?
Also, why should this business be different from any other? All businesses claim to “care” about the customers and in some cases, small children. If the NBA is “Where Caring Happens” then why are they rigging home games for extra money + charging your children $ 200 tickets just to have somewhere to sit?

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Answer by Rob K – GO Flyers.
Everything and anything that involves people profitting is a business.

Answer by Raging Rondo
Business / $ $ $ > Entertainment > Charity

That is Capitalism for ya

Answer by Rich J
Agree with you, ever since Jordan won his first title. There’s a reason everyone knows what the Jordan Rules are, special set of rules for him so he could dominate. Not like he needed them, which tarnished his image a bit with me.

Answer by Salute Me or Shoot Me
”NBA, where only caring about making money happens”

Nuff Said

David Stern is the Worst Commissioner in Sports

Answer by Shay
yes i agree….I think the NBA rigs some home games….the boston/magic game last night is a perfect example…they are making the two teams play more games so they can get more money….yea it may seem sad to hear it but businesses are in it for the money no matter wat it takes….

BTW thanx for answering my question today….

Answer by Dwyane Wade Tell ‘Em!!!
Agree, They fine players for every little thing.

Answer by The Chosen One

Any organization that earns money would be considered a business

Answer by drice8001
Of course it’s a business but wouldn’t you like to work for their wages ? As long as we the fans put up with it nothing will change. Stern doesn’t a basketball from a Big Mac.but why should he ?

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