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Posted in Babysitting on 11th December 2010

The Lowdown on Babysitting: What Experts Have to Say

For most modern moms out there, having someone they can trust as a temporary guardian for their children when they have to go out on errands or enjoy a night out on the town on special dates and occasions is an important security blanket that helps them organize their day to day activities. Most mothers opt to avail of babysitting services from companies that specialize in such services. Others look for baby sitters from their immediate relatives or from their close personal circles. Given the specific nature of the task at hand and the importance of entrusting one’s children to a trustworthy individual, many people naturally consider the task of looking for a baby sitter as an arduous one.


Fortunately, there are experts who can provide useful advice when it comes to babysitting or indeed babysitting services. Here is a set of information you need to know before you hire one.


Start scouting for a babysitter even if you don’t need one at the moment

Most people only begin thinking of hiring a babysitter a few days before they need one. Unfortunately, this kind of practice may lead a parent to make rash decisions with regards the babysitter that she should hire. Experts agree that having a quick talk with someone will give you an idea about the kind of person you will be hiring to take care of your kids. A babysitting agency may have already pre-screened its babysitters and can vouch for their trustworthiness. Still, it would be a good idea if you can have a small chat with potential babysitters so that you can gauge their personalities face to face. With the luxury of time, you can now interview a few candidates and choose the one that jives with your personality. This way, you will end up having the right babysitter on standby anytime you need the service.


Scour online companies and check out customer testimonials

Thanks to the Internet, there are now many online companies that provide babysitting services. These companies are professional groups that provide services through trustworthy employees. In addition, they can assure you that the person to whom you will entrust your children are duly trained and competent in handling related tasks. One good way of gauging a company’s reputation is by asking fellow mothers, friends, and co-workers or by checking out online forums. The names of companies that usually crop up as being trusted and excellent are usually the ones that can really be trusted. Experts say that rather than check for customer testimonials from the company website itself, it is better if you check out neutral forums to be able to get objective opinions.


Create a task list and ‘babysitting plan’ beforehand

Apart from the task of screening potential babysitters from a reputable babysitting agency, you should also be creating a tasklist or plan that you can easily hand out to your babysitter when needed. According to experts, a babysitter could be more effective in her job if she knows exactly what must be done. Thus, your task list may include medical information about your children; favourite activities, books, toys and TV programs; the location of safety equipment in the house; and important numbers of a nearby hospital, fire station, and your contact information.

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