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Posted in Babysitting on 28th January 2011

The Growing Popularity of Girls Games

Article by Karolin Frimodig

Girls Games are a reasonably new phenomenon and have been gaining in popularity over the last couple of years. The reason for this late interest seems to be that the game world, since its start decades ago, has been mainly targeted to boys. With plenty of violence and lots of sex- related themes it hasn’t been able to attract a large girl audience.

A typical game you’ll run into when searching the web has a shooting, racing or sport related theme i.e. mainly boys’ interests. You will generally find that girls are more creative because of a calmer upbringing with crayons, the baking of a cake or more typical, the dressing and nursing of Barbie dolls which mirrors what they tend to enjoy playing online.

So what is considered to be a girls game? Girls games normally fall into four typical genres: Cooking Games, Love Games, Babysitting Games and Dress Up Games.

Cooking Games

With Cooking Games you’ll get to practise your skills in the kitchen. You’ll get introduced to new recipes, get more familiar with exotic food and most importantly you get to enjoy the creative side of cooking. Choose from a big selection of different styles of food games; be the chef in a fancy restaurant, have a look at what goes behind starting up a food business, or practise your organisational and service skills on the floor as a waiter/waitress.

Love Games

Love Games enables you to spread love and peace around the web. The games usually involve kissing or dating with gorgeous guys and looking into the future to see if you and your dream boyfriend are the perfect match. These games can as well show the darker side of love like cheating and jealousy. It’s up to you which way you want to go. The most common love games though are the ones where you get to kiss cute boys and who could resist doing something like that?

Babysitting Games.

Have you ever worked as a babysitter before? Is your dream to one day become a parent and have babies on your own? Then babysitting games are the perfect type to practise with. Working as a babysitter involves 110% focus on the toddlers, don’t leave them even for a second. The aim of these games is usually to keep the baby/ babies happy until their parents come to pick them up. This is being done by feeding them when they are hungry, putting them to bed when they need a nap and keep them entertained with different toys or games, doing all this will make you the best Nanny online.

Dress up games

Dress Up Games usually involve fashion design and makeup themed games as well as dressing up. These games are for you with a great passion for couture and design. Some games will concentrate at teaching you the art of mixing colours and matching different items of clothing, while others will enable you to use and train your skills at designing clothes.

About the Author

The authorof this article runs the gaming website http://www.girlsgames.org.uk and if you would like to play girls games please visit this site today.

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