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Posted in Babysitting on 29th November 2010

The Easy Way to Find Babysitting Jobs

Are you someone who knows that they are meant to be a babysitter (during high school at least)? If you need a little extra money and love working with kids, then babysitting is a great job for you. It is many people’s first paying job (your allowance for doing your weekly chores does not count) so you are in good company if this year is the first year you are going to start sitting. In all likelihood, the parents for whom you will sit probably were babysitters themselves when they were teenagers so they know how you feel.

In order to prepare yourself for the world of babysitting, you need to read a few books on babysitting and take a babysitting course. These courses are reasonably priced and teach you the skills necessary to be a great babysitter. You will learn the different stages of child development, fun babysitting games, and what to do in an emergency. When parents see that you have taken this class, they will be much more willing to hire you. You will have demonstrated to them that you are a mature individual who has strived to educate herself on the important aspects of childcare. They will be incredibly impressed and much more willing to hire you!

Once you have the necessary skills, you will need to start looking for babysitting jobs. In order to advertise your availability to baby-sit, you need a campaign! This task is nowhere near the scale of someone running for office, but you just need to be able to inform parents who you are and when you are available to baby-sit.

Put together a flier with your name, contact number, skills, and availability. Give one to each of the families in your neighborhood and visit your elementary school. Let you old teachers know about your interest in babysitting and they can recommend you to the parents of their students. Another place to advertise yourself as a babysitter is online. Several websites are in place that allow you to post a profile that is available for parents in your area to view. You can also find parents near-by on these sites and contact them about their sitter needs.

As long as you act mature and responsible, parents will love you. Plan some fun activities and you will also be a huge hit with the kids. Good luck!

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