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Posted in Child Care on 7th December 2012

easiest way for a 11-year-old to earn $ 100?
I know a 11-year-old, who has $ 100 in less than 2 weeks. I suggested, child care, but she’s not old enough. Her parents are not present. Any suggestions on what they can align themselves and $ 100. (PLEASE REPLY BUY June 7 Best Answer (s):

reply by Rhonda
you sell your eggs. You can save up to $ 5,000.

response from Lucas Morin mow
lawn. Wash cars. Sell ​​unused items. Maybe a flea market.

response from Christina they can mow people
yards for $ 20. can she neighbors with yard work or something, you help give her money xD haha ​​lucky for them! 🙂

response from Jack
no local car wash? Fee: $ 5 for it .. 20 cars .. thers $ 100

response from Cierra
mow the lawn and rake the grass cut 5 lawns $ 20 jeOder lumber was for people to help people who need help for $ feet Do not Sell dog needed

response from Mutant_Genome If it
try any dog ​​walking dogs in the area or perhaps bath them or if their owners are comfortable with, it might idea Grooming sie.Sie also to see if anyone would show her how to use a lawn mower and mow lawns offer some of the neighborhood. Since they probably will not a very experienced mower they should probably have a lawn mower, she is familiar with, whether it’s their family or a lawnmower she was taught to use leihen.Wenn she has no drawing skills they could offer, portraits or caricatures of people or to draw their pets … perhaps even their cars (lord knows some people love their trip). Try or if they have any vocal or instrumental music they talent going to the mall (with a previous supervisor, to ensure that it is safe) and carrying out could by a hat or something else not that people might cash in. asked if it violates Rules, where she lives, she could also have a flea market. Some places just to make them a couple of times a year, but here you can have one, whenever you want … it’s just that you probably will not get as much attention if it was not a big crowd. You could use a larger amount by hanging a few signs that say “Yard Sale” and have to draw an arrow, and possibly a street name or Adresse.Wenn it younger girls are around, they might be able to give them manicures and makeup -overs for money makeup (with parental permission, of course). You could even have a stand and sell lemonade or offer (assuming that their parents have a vendor permit and would be allowed to do so legally be). You could also offer some weed gardens, or see if their parents no tasks to be ready, they would have to do to pay for … You know, so she could show them that she is willing to try and be responsible, rather than asking them to give her a hand ist.Es are a ton of options. It is not likely that we make it to $ 100 a session (possibly sell at a yard when they already have enough stuff and enough customers), but ask if she is ready to work off her butt in the time she has and around the neighborhood for all odd jobs people can have for them, which are $ 100 before the two weeks are up a breeze werden.Sie may not be old enough to get a permit to babysit, but that does not mean that family friends with not younger children would be willing to have their clock … their children for a few hours while they go out to dinner they just might not be paid so much, as if they had a permit. It is legal for children from a family without permission (or sometimes two families) to see, but she would not be allowed by law in order to see children from more than one family at a time, as this may be considered “child care”. EDIT: Someone suggested selling their eggs … but you need to do at least 18, and often be 21 or older, with a successful birth. Many people have more descriptive requirements, and the process will take longer than two weeks since they would induce her with hormonal drugs, so that several mature eggs at once, and they have an operation on her recovery to unterziehen.Da your friend not nearly old enough, I would not even suggest it. It is a waste of time because they want the money ASAP.

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