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Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question of Nurse Kerr : The Dictionary of Pregnancy and Labor ?
a chance to experience the highlights of your pains Arbeit.Amnesie the condition that a woman who have gone through labor to have sex again, ermöglicht.Narkose the painkiller that crazy women refuse during Wehen.Blase the only part of the mother-baby drängen.Fälligkeit that flattens like a pancake in the last weeks of Schwangerschaft.Verstopfung Nature’s Way, pregnant women practice, which only seems light years entfernt.Essen for two is a nice way of saying: “. pigging out” false work all stressed and nowhere to go . Forced labor redundancy, as getting “Working Mother.” hospital of last place, mom until the next time she gives birth Ruhe.uneinnehmbar a woman whose memory of labor is still lebendig.Arbeitsmarkt coach the person you during labor breathe erinnert.Missverständnis a pregnancy that beginnt.Bescheidenheit while using birth control, what women in the labor market over soon Best Answer.

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LOL! Love it! So true, so true!

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