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The Child Care Industry in Bristol

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The Child Care Industry in BristolBristol has so much to offer culturally and in entertainment, but also much to offer for people interested in working in the child care industry. From nursery care to classroom assistant jobs, Bristol has a range of opportunities for people interested in working with children.

According to the Bristol City Council, the 2001 Census (the most recent information available) reports that there are almost 80,000 dependent children in Bristol city: more than 14,000 under 2 years of age, around 22,000 aged between 3 and 7 years of age, around 18,000 aged 8 to 11, around 22,000 aged 12 to 16, and almost 4,000 aged 16 to 18. This significant youth population is a great indication of the level of childcare needed for children of all ages.

The Census also indicates that nearly 55,000 children under age 16 are in school, so the opportunities for teaching assistants and after-school program employees are significant. About 53,500 of those school children under 16 live in the family home (with others living in communal establishments or ‘other’) – another indication of the excellent opportunity for child care workers. Out of Bristol’s 380,000 total populations, more than 177,000 people aged 16 to 74 are employed and nearly 12,000 homes are lone parent households with dependent children, therefore, for many of these people, the need for child care is obvious.

Bristol’s Children & Young People’s Services, part of the City Council, “builds on a wide range of existing high quality early education, day care, family support services and joint arrangements with health professionals” according to its Web site. Organizations like this indicate that there is a strong support system behind children and child care workers in Bristol. Their Web site (http://www.bristol-cyps.org.uk/early/early.html) offers a broad range of resources for issues pertaining to children.

Overall, Bristol is a bustling city with many professionals who have dependent children that need child care assistance and a prime location for someone looking to join, or continue, a child care career for any age range of children.

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