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Posted in Toddlers on 7th January 2011

The Basics of Choosing Toddler Shoes

Toddler shoes have been a controversial subject for quite some time now, even more so with the new toddler fashions such as high heels for toddler girls. Some fear that just the act of a toddler wearing shoes can hamper their ability to coordinate their walk. Some parents want their toddler to wear shoes 24 hours a day whether they are inside or outside, while other parents feel it is best to let their children’s feet breath and grow; therefore wearing shoes only occasionally. So what is the answer? What do toddler feet need for optimal development?

To begin, an infant that has not yet begun to walk rarely needs shoes except to provide warmth. Toddlers who are walking, jumping, and playing on their feet only require shoes to protect their feet outside. This also emphasizes that expensive shoes are not much different than inexpensive shoes when buying for a toddler. Their foot needs are very basic – protection and warmth.

In the rapidly growing market for toddler shoes it is hard to know what to look for and weed out the good from the unnecessary. Children are also growing so fast that they outgrow their shoes before they wear out. In addition, in an economy when many parents need to squeeze the most out of their wallets, it is also important to find shoes that fit a toddlers needs and that they can comfortably wear through a couple growth spurts.

When going to a shoe store ask to have your toddlers feet measured. Be sure to measure both feet as it is not uncommon for there to be a slight difference in foot length. This is also true as your child grows to be a teenager and growth spurts seem to stop. Subtle changes in shoe size can still occur as we get older, despite our body’s growth in height.

After getting measured, make sure you try on shoes that fit the larger foot. Then, also allow about a half inch space between the end of the longest toe and the end of the interior of the shoe. This does not need to be measured for exactness as long as you use a discerning eye. Also make sure the heel doesn’t slip with normal walking. Toddlers also get held quit a bit. So a good idea would also be to hold your toddler wearing the shoes they are trying on to see if the shoe will have a tendency to fall off easily while being held. The shoe should be snug enough to stay on, but still allow the toes to wiggle around in the shoe.

Finally, buy the pair of shoes that is most comfortable for your toddler. This includes making sure the shoes are not too heavy or have slippery soles. Toddlers have a hard enough staying upright on bare feet. The more the right pair of shoes can help them feel confident walking a running, the fewer falls they will likely have.

Toddler shoes can be quite an addiction for parents who love to see their children in cute shoes. There is certainly nothing wrong with that as long as the toddler’s foot health is kept in mind. When going on your next shopping trip to the toddlers shoe isle justremember these basics – comfort, protection, and warmth. They are as important for their feet as for their little souls.

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