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Posted in Babysitting on 6th January 2011

The Babysitting Interview Checklist

When you’re thinking of hiring a babysitter, you should check various sources before you choose one. After doing so, you will end up with a handful of promising applicants. You can’t, of course, pick them all, though you can file the contact numbers of a few others for future reference.

When you’re left with these few good ones, it’s time to sit down and interview them. To guide you, you should make a small list of questions, similar to the following:

Babysitting Experience

Have you had any babysitting experience? Can you tell me about your previous experience? What were the ages of the children you babysat? What activities did you do together? How did you feel about the experience? Could you give me the contact numbers of your previous employers? If you haven’t had any experience, do you have younger siblings or children of your own?


Why did you get into babysitting? Do you enjoy it? What is it about the job that you like?


Have you gone through first aid, disaster, or babysitting training? Do you know how to administer CPR? Do you know what to do about small cuts or sprains?


Do you have a list of emergency numbers to contact? Do you know what to do in case of fire? How about an earthquake? A robbery? Give some hypothetical situations.

Game Plan

How do you intend to proceed with your babysitting visit? Are there any activities or games you have in mind for the children? How do you plan to enforce discipline in case the child does not obey you or breaks the house rules?


Would you like to be paid an hourly rate, or for the entire week or month? Will you prefer a cash or check? What is your standard rate and is it negotiable?

How the prospective babysitter answers these questions will help you assess if it is a good idea to hire her. While talking to a person face to face won’t let you get to know her completely, it will give you some insight to her character and allow you to gauge if you would like her to work for you.

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