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Posted in Toddlers on 29th November 2010

Ten Top Tips To Have a Happy Toddler Bedtime

Toddler bedtime can be tricky. Everyone has had a busy day and both your toddler and you are ready for sleep.  Well, that’s you think but does your toddler think the same?  Sometimes not, and hence toddler bedtime can be tricky. Here we look at 10 ten tips on how to have a happy toddler bedtime.

1. Bedtime routines are really important and they need to start really from supper time onwards.  Write yours down (and do not include any telly time after supper time as it’s too stimulating and won’t help your toddler settle) and stick to it every night as toddlers love the security of routine.

2. Make sure they love their toddler bedroom.  Investigate lovely toddler beds and toddler bedding. There are such a huge choice available and it’s worth choosing one which your toddler loves.

3. Make sure your toddler feels safe in their bedroom. Night lights, doors ajar are fine.  Never confine them into their room with a locked door or force them to sleep in the dark.  Toddlers are very imaginative and are easily scared.

4. Be clear, firm and gentle too.  All parents need patience and at the end of the day this can difficult but stay in control of yourself.  Keep repeating that it’s sleep time gently and they will go to sleep eventually.

5. Work together with your partner.  Two parents supporting each other is much easier than one alone.  If you are a single parent then keep the boundaries with your child clear and be gentle on yourself.  Parenting is demanding and you need to look after yourself in order to look after your child.

6.  If your toddler does not want to go to sleep or wakes up too early you need to take a new look at his day time naps and probably rejig them over a few days.  It will definitely be worth the effort.  Afternoon naps need to be early on and not too long.

7.  If your toddler wakes up a lot during the night you need to make a choice.  Either allow them to come into your bed or take them back to their toddler bed every time.  You need to stick with the one you decide.  If your toddler wriggles then you need to take them back to their bed so that you can get some sleep.

8. Be patient about night time potty training.  Bedwetting is very common amongst children so only try it when your toddler’s night time nappies are dry for at least a week and then prepare thoroughly so that any accidents can be sorted out with minimum fuss.

9. Black out curtains are fantastic – invest in some and bring them with you when you go away.

10. A cranky parent usually contributes to a cranky toddler and visa versa!  So, make sure you get enough sleep and if you aren’t, then bring in some help from friends and family.

Make your toddler bedtime a happy time and see www.toddlerbedtimetips.com to help you and your toddler get better sleep!

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