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Posted in Working Mothers on 23rd January 2011

Teen Working & Child Support, Do I pay?
My daugher lives with me off and on but not during the school year. She lives with her mother in a nother state. My daughter is going on 16 and wants to work for here money. If she gets a job will I still have to continue to give the money to her mother? My thoughts were to put it in a savings account and if she stops working to let her dip into it instead of letting her or her “Mother” spend it away on needless stuff. Can I rightfully do this?
Not like I was trying to get out of paying child support. Tech we never had an order from a judge. We are civil toward each other. I just feel that child support should be for the child not for the parent to run off to another state each month on expensive trips and leave the child to be raised with the grand parent or sibbling. I have a wounderful daughter who is every much a woman now and sees through all the smoke and wants her dad not to pay for anything. I wanna take the money and put it in an educational IRA for her to attend college. My daughters reason for getting a job is to support her self because the mother isn’t supporting her needs. So what do you do? If I had other Ideas of gettinghte money directly to her that you have to offer let me know. Until then another day and a free trip to Vagas or Alanta, Chicago she goes… Thanks…
Thanks for all who responded. Just an update on this issue since so manny were concerned, I do have rights and very suprisingly to me they fall in my favor according to my lawyer and the judge said it will look favor full as well if I get this done now. Thank for your inputs.

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Answer by piepiepie
You’ll have to take it up with your lawyers, but usually you have to pay child support until the kid is 18 no matter what.

Answer by mellie
I’m pretty sure u can, just contact the child support agency and they will tell u.

Answer by brothergoosetg
you’ve gotta pay unless your lawyer snuck in a clause for what you’re planning now waaay back when.

Answer by celticwarrior7758
More than likely, no. If the court ordered you to pay, you have to pay. You can always petition the court, but I doubt it will do any good. 2 more years and you are free. Just have patience.

Answer by Andrea
You would need to ask a lawyer. If you can do this. Don’t listen to anyone on these ‘answers’. It is better to be safe then sorry and you need see what the law has to say. You don’t want to have to pay it again or go to jail.

Answer by gangstadad
depends on the state, in florida you can’t, your ex can’t even refuse child support from you, (like she would anyways) go online to your states statutes, you didn’t include your state so we can’t even do your reading for you.

Answer by vakere2
sounds bad that u have to pay it but does not matter u have to pay till she is 18 buddy its just alil over a year more plus its ur daughter

Answer by reshadow31
the money is for the cost of housing and raising your child, you need to find out what it states in your custody papers, if the money goes directly to your child then you should be able to do this, but if it goes to her mother the not. Just because your daughter gets a job this doesnt help pay for the food that she eats, the place where she lives, the cost of her schooling, and so on. If she gets a job the money she makes will probably just go for her extra spending money.

Answer by sxybrwneyedgrl29
No u cant rightfully do that, her money is “HER MONEY” and not money to support herself at that age, she wont be paying rent or the electric bill or food etc.. she’ll be spending it on clothes, makeup and dating.. sorry but a judge would laugh in your face if u tried to stop paying based on that lol.. YOU PAY CHILDSUPPORT TO HER MOTHER TO “SUPPORT YOUR DAUGHTER” geeze why is it so hard for men to realize that???? YOU HAVE TO PAY UNTILL SHE IS OF AGE ORRRRRRRRRRR UNLESS SHE MOVES OUT AND IS SUPPORTING HERSELF, but while she is still under her mothers roof, u pay HER MOTHER, to help provide a roof over her head, food on the table, electricity, etc etc etc..

Geeze u’ll find any excuse not to actually pay ur x money wont u ? lol.. how pathetic u are..

Answer by RICHARD T
No. Child support set up through court is a court order. It isn’t like a cable tv bill that you can just say you won’t pay this month. Unfortunately, the court cannot supervise(nor should it) the way child support funds are spent. It is not the courts fault that you made a mistake in marry someone that didn’t work out as a lifelong partner. Bite the bullet like many of us have and pay until the child reaches legal age. It’s no different than you taking out a loan on a car and it falls to pieces a month after the warranty runs out. If you still have three years left on your loan, you pay the three years and mark it off as a lesson learned.

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