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question of Miz Patti : tax deductions for 2008
SteuerabzügeIch would like to know if the following items are tax deductible. If you do not know, or maybe you think might know, please share. Yes or no answer nur.1. Gas to and from work. (Hey does not hurt to ask) 2 Auto Repair and keep up, interest on loans Auto.3. Clothing / pants / shoes (job requires and businesses gave $ 250 twice a year clothing allowance. Has now spent more of course, because there is no way to cover $ 500 dress shoes for a hose would year.4. Kleidung.5 cleaning for above . acquired property in 12/07. taxes paid by the house where, but what went upgrades such as plumbing, electrical, complete rip from the bathroom, refinished floors, cut down dangerous trees (Power Line by one and the other a 70 “half-dead pine only was waiting on a good wind). Does not hurt to ask this either. House closed on 12/10/2007, late for closing costs, attorney fees, inspections, points say? 6 for medical expenses other than medical visits, such as dental, prescription drugs, examination by physician bestellt.7. Day care for son, yes, but what about special fees for trips, snacks, provides day care center? Can all be clumped together as “child care” or does it have to be itemized? 8 Son’s school fees and the list of teachers sent home for $ 250 + Accessories (In the list, know two boxes of tissue, 4 packs of notebook paper, 50 – pencil, etc.) 9.’s Son Schulkleidung10 I have a personal online trading account. Can I deduct losses in the stock market, as well as fees to buy and sell? I know this is a long list, but this is the first that I can idemized. I still need the form 1040, or is it a . thing of the past, if anyone knows of a site that tells you what is and is not refundable, without a lot of double, please link the IRS Web site is schrecklich.Danke Best Answer:..

reply viajero_intergalactico
1 You already know his NO.2. NEIN3. only if the clothes are not used for anything other than work (uniforms). But regular clothes, like suits, NO.4. for uniforms. If clothing can be used for any other thought, NO.5.points YES! (But you have the points over the life of the loan pay all other fees enabled repairs as part of the purchase price of the home are not deductible improvements: … No, but can also be activated werden.6 JA. Dental, drug and . everything that is ordered by your doctor, medical (prescription and must be purchased in the U.S.) if doc says go to the gym, the cost of the gym: NEIN.7.daycare snacks and activities, yes, but they are of the day care, you will not be shown separately, it should be a flat fee so you care for your children to be a NEIN.8.buying:… NEIN.9 children’s clothing. NEIN.10 loss. YES but they must be realized (losses you must have actually sold the stock). and yes the 1040 is still verwendet.und with all its lists do you know about the Web site www.irs.gov …. i happen to like it.

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