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Posted in Toddlers on 12th December 2010

Taking a 2 year old to a Metallica concert?
My wife and I are going to see Metallica tomorrow night. We’re thinking about taking our son (he’ll be 3 in April).
He enjoys listening to Rock music in the car. Extreme, Pantera, Metallica is all fine with him. He really enjoys the drums, and I’m sure he’d be very excited to see Lars playing the drums.
Do you think he’s too young to go see a concert like Metallica? Do you think it’ll be too loud for him? If you’re child grew up listening to rock/metal etc. would you take your toddler?
I’m not sure if I should post this under “parenting/toddler” or “music/rock” so don’t blame me if it’s miscategorized.
Yes, if we take him he would be wearing ear plugs. Also, we have reserved seats. He is free as long as he’s sitting in our laps, or standing in front of me, and not occupying a seat. We will not be in the Mosh Pit.

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Answer by hayyou94509
way to loud

Answer by BatGirl
Much as I love Metallica I would not suggest taking a child that young to a concert for the sake of his little ears.

Answer by *Here on the ranch*
My mom and aunt took me to a motley cru/ cinderella concert when I was 5. I am 26 and still hard of hearing. LOL just kidding about the hearing part! The only thing I remember is Tommy Lee saying hello FU**ing Dallas/Ft.Worth. I knew that was a bad word.

Answer by Mich1
You could seriously, permanently damage his hearing, please don’t take him.

He’s not even 3 yet, he won’t remember this later.

Answer by Pat
It’s much too loud, and too long for a 2 year old.
The seats won’t be comfortable for him, he’ll have to peeeeee, he’ll be hungry, etc., etc.
He won’t want to stay still that long, and it will ruin the evening for you and your wife.

He doesn’t even sit through a whole episode of Sesame Street, does he?

Let him have a fun evening with Grandma. They can order a movie.
He has plenty of time to enjoy music.


Answer by threenorns
first, way too loud.

second, last i remember, such concerts are age-restricted.

third, do you really want to be having to ride herd on him the entire evening instead of enjoying it freely with your wife?

Answer by Kristie
If it was me with my son, I would probably not take him, for several reasons. The first is that he could potentially become bored or upset, ruining the concert for you. Another reason for me personally is that very large crowds tend to just throw my son into a frenzy and he gets very upset. I don’t know your son’s temperment, but I do know that crowds at concerts are usually louder and denser than crowds at other places. Probably the most important reason that I would not bring my son is because of the volume. I just recently went to a Warped Tour concert and when I got home my ears buzzed for another 6 or so hours. The speakers are really loud and for a two year old, a headache like this would probably be unbearable for him. Depending on the venue of the concert, you might be able to get around the latter two problems by sitting in the back, away from the main stage where the noise is not as loud and the crowds aren’t as bad. However, the best choice so that you enjoy the concert would probably just be to leave him home.

Answer by lil_misstori94
no way
even though he is is two years old his ears are still to sensitive to be taken to a rock concert. even though he may like the music it is to loud its highly possible that he may burst an ear drum

Answer by Melissa F
I do not even think they would let the child in. The sound could be to loud for him. My children both listen to rock everyday but being in front of a live band with their sound equipment is different than sitting in the car. Plus believe it or not people will be getting high at that concert do you really want your child to be breathing in those toxins (and yes I know this because my mother and husband went to Metallica a few years ago and like they said you get high for free and you have no choice about it).

Answer by sunflower
I think there is a huge difference between listening to Metallica in the car and going to an actual concert. Definitely not age-appropriate for your toddler.

Please, get him a babysitter, and you and your wife can enjoy the evening by yourselves.

If you want to take your son to a concert, get tickets to The Wiggles.

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