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Posted in Toddlers on 14th December 2010

Taking a 2 year old to a Metallica concert?
My wife and I are going to see Metallica tomorrow night. We’re thinking about taking our son (he’ll be 3 in April).
He enjoys listening to Rock music in the car. Extreme, Pantera, Metallica is all fine with him. He really enjoys the drums, and I’m sure he’d be very excited to see Lars playing the drums.
Do you think he’s too young to go see a concert like Metallica? Do you think it’ll be too loud for him? If you’re child grew up listening to rock/metal etc. would you take your toddler?
I’m not sure if I should post this under “parenting/toddler” or “music/rock” so don’t blame me if it’s miscategorized.
Yes, if we take him he would be wearing ear plugs. Also, we have reserved seats. He is free as long as he’s sitting in our laps, or standing in front of me, and not occupying a seat. We will not be in the Mosh Pit.

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Answer by Nirvana Boy
I’m sure the little guy will like it, the last time I saw a 2 year old at a concert he did fine, ya know a few stage dives, some beers, that little kid could party

Answer by Connie
The concert would probably be great if it wasn’t so loud. I’d wait ’till your kid gets a bit older.

Answer by skeptical
I’d call that child abuse. You will CERTAINLY damage his hearing. It may not be enough for you to notice right away, but it WILL be damaged.

It’s probably already been damaged by what you listen to at home and in the car.

And remember that hearing loss is PERMANENT and cumulative.

Get a hearing test yourself if you doubt me.

Answer by ✿Rocket Queen✿
No way! You’d be the best dad in the world!

Answer by n.rkist
If you were to post it under the parenting section, you would have gotten no answers, and if you post it under this section, you’ll get yeses. I think it’s a great idea, I would have loved it if my dad had taken me to concerts when I was a baby. Metallica put on a great show, and he should have as much fun as you guys will, but make sure he wears earplugs and keeps them in the entire show. He’s 2, and the only other thing you would worry about with a kid is language, and seeing as how he’s onl y2 years old it’s not like he really understands any of it yet (besides Metallica isn’t even that bad lyrically at their worst) so I think that would be a good idea. Kudos to you especially for exposing your child to great music at such a young age, like I said I wish my dad had done more to expose me to the music I now love when I was younger.

Answer by K
The music gets real LOUD and your ears ring for a day afterwards. It might scare him, I’m also afraid of possible mosh pits that you’ll get sucked into.

Answer by gunsnroses9995
I’d take him, that would be a great experience for a kid his age but you would obviously need to get him some ear plugs but other than that there is no other issue i could possibly think of.

Answer by street walking cheetah {mila}
it’s never too early to introduce a child to rock.

Answer by *Killer Peaches* #1 Maiden Head!
Bad idea

mostly because you will likely permeantly damage his hearing. Otherwise…I don’t see an issue… I went back in November and the crowd was pretty mellow.

I also would be concerned though about the crowd and everything else. Plus if he has a fit…. you gotta leave probably…i say get a babysitter and try again when he is 5-6.

Answer by Shawn O
As much as its cool to get the lttle dude into metallica cuz I love metallica I think that hes too young to go to the concert. Im sure you and your wife will have a much better time without him,,cuz like its METALLICA you gotta be able to rock out hardcore!! wait a few years before you start to bring him to concerts

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