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Working Moms Now Have Access To Scholarships Through Federal Programs – Get $10,000 Now!

Posted in Working Mothers on 10th April 2012

Working Moms Now Have Access To Scholarships Through Federal Programs – Get ,000 Now!

Article by Lindsy Emery

Many colleges (a good number of them are online universities) have gotten together to form an educational awareness program called Project Working Mom: Putting Education to Work. It is a coalition that is driving the campaign to educate our nation’s mothers by providing $ 2 million in scholarships.

Qualifying mothers are given tuition money to spend on universities of their choice (although the online colleges heavily advertise their services). But, why mothers? Well, it turns out that American mothers are not doing so well in the job market, and with an economy lagging seriously behind, these dedicated women can no longer be ignored.

Ninety nine percent (99%) of American women will work for pay at some time in their lives while 60.7% of the women in the workforce are mothers with children under the age of 3. Eighty percent (80%) of single parent families are headed by women.

Fifty percent (50%) of married working women earn more than $ 40K a year, while only 22% of single working mothers can even claim to make at least $ 30K. Single mothers are 19% more likely to live in poverty than single fathers, and over 80% of single mothers lack higher education, thus locking them into the poverty cycle. Women comprise 46% of the work force. With those statistics, it is no wonder that President Obama addressed the education issue in his American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and has urged every American to attend at least one year of college. ARRA revamped funding for higher education making grants, loans, and scholarships easier to obtain with a higher cash value.

The best way to benefit from the President’s offer is to fill out the Free Application for Student Aid. Here, an online application will automatically determine your eligibility for all federal financial aid programs. All it takes is a little of your time to take the first steps toward breaking out of the poverty cycle.

The Truth About Obama College Scholarships For Single Working Mothers

Posted in Working Mothers on 28th December 2011

The Truth About Obama College Scholarships For Single Working Mothers

The Truth About Obama College Scholarships For Single Working Mothers

 Getting College Scholarships Key to Success

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 With tuition rates rising faster than inflation, also the economy struggling, undoubted is harder now than ever.One of the best ways of helping to pay because college is to get scholarships.These do not have to be paid lead like loans rack up. corporal is money that is there to help you finish school.As you might suspect, these aren’t always simple to get. You need to reach a out-and-out snuff out of shot to be eligible. This can’t always be done.

As it turns out, know stuff are distant ways to help collect your chances of getting the scholarship. The first tip is to make sure that you apply.Most people don’t prize this, but most students never trimmed apply for scholarships they are eligible for. people just assume they won’t earn it. Always apply, because I guarantee there is less conclave than you conclude there is.The second way to get scholarships is to find your niche. If you know what metier you are happening into, look for licensed groups in that area. These groups will often advance you scholarships that commit presuppose much less competition than broader ones.This lone foot could save you thousands.

Also, never disparage the importance of precisely receiving good grades. If you work hard and are motivated by the travel of receiving scholarships, you might just surprise yourself with your grant stunt. Not to mention, this good performance bequeath be rightful for your life, not apropos as the scholarship money.This should conclude you topical in finding scholarships. I cannot emphasize enough how important substantive is to make sure you at least use. This will get you much additional than you probably imagine. Best of luck influence your college career.Visit Here Now

Scholarships for Working Mothers: Helping Mom Make The Grade

Posted in Working Mothers on 12th December 2011

Scholarships for Working Mothers: Helping Mom Make The Grade

Working Mothers are under a lot of pressure in today’s world. They are often the ultimate multi-taskers, juggling all their many responsibilities, both work and family. However, President Obama has placed an emphasis on scholarships for working mothers to encourage them to get a college degree and improve their future career possibilities.

Moms who work have their responsibilities at work and all the many responsibilities of raising their children. Of course, these moms barely have time to run their errands, and they certainly don’t think they have time to return to school.

The business world expects each working mom to show professional growth, just as they do anyone, in order to be successful and remain viable. A degree is almost always a given if one wants to advance in their field. Salary is directly tied to education, of course. Despite this climate, only 20% of working moms have a college degree.

Looking at recent statistics, it is easy to see that moms without degrees make much less than their more educated peers. President Obama realizes this, and that is why he is stressing the importance of scholarships for moms who work. The best way to fight poverty is through education, and in the business world, this is particularly true. A degree can mean a significant difference in salary, and consequently, an increase in the standard of living of the entire family.

It is expensive to raise children, and with a low-paying job, it is even harder. These scholarships for working mothers help make it possible for a mom to pursue her goals and provide a better life for her children, too.