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What bearing does race, work and family have on the first wave of the women’s movement?

Posted in Child Support on 8th November 2013

What bearing does have race, work and the family on the first wave of the women’s movement?
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Reply by Earl D
Well, in the U.S. women and children were bulked in with blacks and Indians (race) as “other people” in the Constitution! strugle The racial and the labor movement certainly had an influence on the emancipation of women (but the case of the ERA in the American against the rise of the wealthy, accepted, emancipated black is strange – emerge rights on the horizon with gay I think gay is black as a role model rather than women which were the design and feared conscription and let the ERA go down the drain, what they have fewer rights than black people) aussehen.Zurück in the 1800 marriages often angeordnet.Im prarier States a 13 year old girl was removed and paired with a 15-year-old boy, whom she knew only slightly, from parents that they gave each a part of their country and a dowry to loszulegen.In America and places like France, a woman whose husband died was not rich, with their own finances. A male member, father, brother, or in law, that was a man, it had to be treated for her until she married, at which point in time the new man took over their control weath, even if he did not. An American vice-president, I think, married such a woman half his age, for that very reason! This still goes on today in Muslim countries. A woman is not allowed to handle their own finances when her husband dies. A male member of their family or a court to beaufsichtigen.All these factors play a role in the emancipation of women and the first wave beeinflusst.Um poor women up to 51% of America, stopped short and do not push through the ERA! A single woman could not get a bank loan in America! During the 1950s, when there was a woman in medical school found in the 1970s, easy, was not there to be a pediatrician, she was being out of school fiel.Im 1800 the real basis for “Dr. Quinn” had from college to college, and even go doctor to doctor to get a Denist teaching to be a doctor and it took many years to achieve the results! (Yes, it was a real Dr. Quinn, and that was not her name, and she was in the Midwest of Western Rockies and looked more like tug Annie as a prom queen.) (And yes, it was a real Grey’s Anatomy prototype person and wrote two best-selling books and medical column for Cosmpolitan and went to jail for 4 years for hiding her little daughter from her ex and her name was Elizabeth Morgan and this day I do not support the “missing children” things because of the merits or lack of merits in their case).

If one is to stay at home work so hard, why can not Republicans support welfare for single mothers?

Posted in Working Mothers on 2nd November 2013

If a stay at home mom is hard work, then why not Republicans support welfare for single mothers?
“.? Attacking Democrats How dare rich stay at home moms Now we can claim to cut spending on poor mothers’ Best Answer (s):

Reply Me First
We support them …. We do not support lifetime welfare for the disabled Körper.Was part of it you do not understand?

Reply by Texas Patriot
Mmmm, what are you talking about Republicans. Please provide a source to back up your claims.

response from beren
It’s just hard work if you are rich. If you are poor, it means you are lazy.

Reply thepewterguy We would not need welfare for mothers when their fathers had a job … But we can not sending 400,000 jobs per week over seas for two decades and expect to work there for the fathers … Can we?? Tell that to the Federal politicians that use two decades later Pushing “FREE” to slave labor “TRADE” to replace American jobs are “duty-free import …” They do not care what you / we do, because they in Communist China and like-minded countries to a job in the companies that are selling American jobs to invest time and tell the hundreds of billions from the labor differentials alone … Our government is bought and paid BY …… GREED …. These are Obama’s Department of Labor figures published every Thursday and can be found on Fox and Friends by 8.45 bis 09.00 clock clock. See it for yourself if you want to be released only with the raw numbers from the DOL … You will not hear them on another network … I wonder why? Figures published every Thursday for the loss of work for the week zurück.2/19/2012 … 348,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit2/26/2012 … 350,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit3/01/2012 … 351,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit3/08/2012 … 361,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit3/15/2012 … 351,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit3/22/2012 … 348,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit3/29/2012 … 359,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit2012.04.05 … 357,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit4/12/2012 … 380,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit4/19/2012 … 386,000 New ArbeitslosigkeitInsgesamt signatory ………. 3,591,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit.Das is lost “only” in the last 10 Wochen.Wie have many new signatory their jobs feel Obama’s election? Has 170 weeks of the term as POTUS Obama has America’s new signatories unemployment averaged about 400,000 jobs per week. 3 years + The average number of signatories is now at New … 68.923 million Americans who have lost their jobs haben.Ich a question for you … Is it time to wake up yet? Your voice on 6 November 2012 to answer this question. § † † § FNSʎɹǝʌɐ sɥʇıʍǝʇǝdɯoɔuɐɔsǝʌɐ ן ן ן uo sʎ

Reply by So easy, a democrat could do it!
show ….. That’s why we support the concept of two-parent households. Some prostitutes who got knocked up because she was too stupid to take a pill to not laze all day to earn my expense.

answer of How would I know,
Let me help you heal some of your stupidity .. There is a difference between mothers who stay at home and raise their children, not by the taxpayers to do it, and those who have kids popping and then expect the taxpayer to pay to raise them.

Reply by Peace through blinding force
Here is a simple contrast that literally 100% of the non-retarded OBVIOUS find:> Democrats CELEBRATE with more people on welfare, which of course is EXACTLY the same “more people need social assistance.”> Republican DELIVER leaving more resources for people to prosperity and all the Democrats that hate.

answer of Socrates
your argument does not make sense. Apparently you what made money from the government, it is what you think they should do.

Reply by Bad Wolf
I have to pay my own children. I can not afford to pay for someone else’s

response from Chris
Because when a conservative woman is a single mother she does not need me, and yes, there is a way conservative woman can be a single mother.

Is the “Ode to the mother vampire” really work?

Posted in Working Mothers on 29th October 2013

Has the “Ode to the mother vampire” really work?
HalloIch I was looking up info about vampires a prayer to the goddess of the moon and the mother of all Selene is a request for them to send one of their children to you.does that? Turn has anyone tried it and what was the result? what exactly you need to do for it to really work and how long to work or happen to them? Sorry, so many Fragen.Bitte real answers thank Best Answer (s):

Reply forever.charmed
No, it’s a fake. It does not work.

Reply by Charlie
Whenever a vampire was as simple as utter a few words, the M & F section would not be constantly filled with questions to ask, like a vampire to be. Vampires, spells …. it’s all a load of fictional make-believe.