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my mom told me to “take care of my brother”?

Posted in Babysitting on 1st April 2014

my mom told me to “take care of my brother”?
should she have to raise this baby in my tummy?

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You’re the surrogate?

Answer by Vic Carren

Answer by Sparkle
Er…I’m a bit confused and disturbed. Are you saying your brother is the baby in your tummy or that these are two seperate babies? If the first one, I hope your daddy is in jail. If the second one – what you’re doing with your brother is called “babysitting” not “raising” what you’ll do with your baby is “raise” it. You’ll notice the difference, trust me. Your mom can babysit but you got knocked up take responsibility.

Answer by Ramirez
Wasn’t ur space bar messed up hmm..

Answer by Ameria
Shut up

Answer by Haven

Answer by ♥.♥.Perfect Angel♥.♥.
huh!! shut up..

Answer by I Am Teacher!
Incest is not something to laugh at…..

Answer by Gu!таг!sт
That is not funny.
My father raped my mother and it resulted in me…
And for those of you who think I’m joking:
1. You live in a fantasy world.
2. Look at my birth certificate.

Answer by Darshan Good
your the older brother so just look after the baby , i mean what is your mom doing , if she is working then she is earning money to feed you and play for all the bills

you may have things to do but we all need to make sacrifices sometimes your younger brother is always gonna need you to guide him and this si where it starts

This stranger wife told me to “be a good mother!” Is she right?

Posted in Working Mothers on 1st November 2010

question of phuole : The foreign wife told me to “be a good mother!” Is she right?
I raised my 2 yo daughter from child care and get stopped at a nearby petrol stations, some gasoline. When I have finished I left the car windows half down, shut his car and went around the business to pay for gasoline. I do not have my daughter, because there are so many cars around and it’s going to be fast .. I paid cash for gasoline, and came in 2 minutes. I can see my car from inside and keep an eye on the car all the time. This woman from the next car saw me come out and start making comments about me leaving my daughter in the car. I was so angry when the bitch told me a good mother to sein.Ich am a good mother. I’ll take care good care of my child and I work fultime.Glauben you want your child left alone in a bad car for 2 minutes? One might think that is taking the child outside with all the cars around them as a safe or simply not put fuel in the car? I am working on shift with my husband and we take a look at our daughter … I hate those mothers who have so much time on their hands, walk, control over others and to judge other mothers. they should ask themselves how they would feel if other people talk to her so .. Why do I have to go back anyway? I took the key with me and shut the door, how can someone come and pick up my daughter .. ? Are you saying that you are never out of sight of your child Best Answer:

reply heathererandolph
Yes, it is not completely safe behavior. I do not think, you see the car all the time. Go back to the store?

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Q & A: Who told that they make a remake of the movie “Adventures in Babysitting?

Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question of shakedown1979 : If you hear that they make a remake of the movie “Adventures in Babysitting ?
PAHHHHHHHHHH ……… How can a remake of the film? What a stupid idea !!!!!!! Dont FUCK, this movie (DONT FUCK WITH THE babysitter) … oh, and Raven Symone will be Chris Parker ….. WHAT A JOKEEEEEEESie are completely it will make Disney and the idea of this movie HORRRRRRIBLE … Hey, I wrote a question about John Hughes movies … !!!!! Best answer:

reply hpyhomemaker
I had not heard that but that will suck! This movie was awesome! Why must they try to copy to perfection? Only chaos it up!

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