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10 Ideas for a Protected and Enjoyable Holi in your preschooler/ toddler

Posted in Child Support on 2nd March 2018

Holi the pageant of colours is most awaited by children and adults alike. Children love this pageant as they’ll get moist to their coronary heart’s need and play with colour with their buddies.

Shalini Ahuja Agarwal CEO of Protected Child, India’s first skilled baby security firm shares some suggestions of for fogeys to make sure a secure and satisfying Holi for our toddlers and preschoolers.

  1. Grownup supervision always is necessary. Don’t depart youngsters alone.
  2. For the reason that ground will probably be moist, instruct youngsters to watch out whereas working.
  3. If a big drum relies to retailer water for Holi, make certain youngsters don’t lean into the drum. Younger youngsters can fall into the drum.
  4. Use gel colours as a substitute of powder colours to guard the pores and skin since they’re simple to take away. Additionally gel colours don’t get blown into the eyes of kids.
  5. Water balloons must be averted. Pichkaari must be used away from the face, particularly the ears and eyes.
  6. If you need to journey on Holi, be sure that the home windows of the automobile are closed in order that balloons/colours are blocked from coming in.
  7. Make it possible for the motive force will not be beneath the affect of bhang or alcohol. Surveys have proven that street accidents enhance by 30-40% throughout. So please drive fastidiously.
  8. Don’t let youngsters put any colours within the mouth. If colour goes in your or your baby’s eyes wash with loads of water and don’t rub the eyes.
  9. Make youngsters put on full sleeves garments and lengthy pants to guard the delicate pores and skin of the kid. Additionally, apply oil or cream everywhere in the physique to forestall the colours from sticking on pores and skin or hair.
  10. Dad and mom also needs to have emergency contact numbers prepared.

Have a secure Holi!

Toddler “difficult” new schedule … what to do?

Posted in Toddlers on 31st December 2013

toddler “difficult” new schedule … what to do?
My 22 months old son has never been a really good sleeper, but he would wake up at around 5:45 or 6 in the morning. But in recent weeks, he decided in the morning that is 5 clock or even earlier on some days, like yesterday – it was 4:00 Uhr.Irgendwelche tips wake up how to get back to a “normal” him time Best Answer? (s):

Ang answer.
not let him nap past 2:00 when he naps. And trying to awake him as to keep lat as possible. Put him to bed when u go to bed.

Answer by Sara
simply make sure that it not be worth while to wake up. Do you think it is dark, do not let him play, other than to say, do not talk in the same bed with him and if he says that he give him water hunger or thirst. It might be difficult for a few nights, but he soon re-adjust.

or if he ever earlier it is either a temporary thing to say, it is significant that he needs less sleep. Less nap or to bed later. Or you could get, but that sounds awfully early.

Too young for toddler preschool?

Posted in Toddlers on 18th November 2013

Too young for toddler preschool?
My son, 19 months in the next week, is scheduled to start “preschool for toddlers” this Wednesday. It will go to 11:30 clock on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 clock clock. He will have a morning snack there. Today I visited the classroom with Kristof. I watched the activities and Kristof as he dressed, always in Spielzeug.Hier is my dilemma: Kristof is the youngest child in the class. The other children are between 20 months and 2 years. The activities that the teachers are plans for older toddlers. An example is “circle time”, “the color matching game”, etc. My son had nothing. He did not sit in the circle and sing about matching colors. Complied with all the other children while Kristof explored. I’m afraid that he will be because he does not speak or communicate at the level of the other Kinder.Nach about 20 minutes of “odd kid out,” he did follow you around the group, as they did other activities. He went on even and hugged one of the little girls. He tried hugging a little boy and the boy thought he would try to beat him, so he got pushed. The teacher said that all his behavior is normal and not to worry. The principal and teachers think that my son’s participation in the class will help his speech and social skills in general. I agree that all this is possible. But I am afraid that he may hurt or picked on. What if he says something in his mouth and chokes because the teacher did not see him? What if he has a tantrum, and the teacher gets mad at him? I must admit that I have separation anxiety zu.Sollte I bite the bullet and enroll him or should I wait until he starts talking Best Answer (s):

Answer by Ashley D
I think it will probably benefit him to be his colleagues, and because the other children were probably already in this class to do it, used circle time and play games. I would imagine that is understandable, irrational on each of their first day, they did not quite know what to do, even nicht.Ihre fears about him choking on something. Preschool children have age-appropriate toys and snacks, and the teacher is likely to be trained in first aid (you should find this if you have not already!). If the children do a craft with small pieces, it is well monitored (the teachers do not want any of the children choking on something under their care, either!). There are rules about teacher-child relationship for a reason – so teachers do not have more children than they kann.Wenn also process you are worried, you can always again the idea next year, but I think your son will of others children around him (somewhat older), and with some structured activities and learning opportunities (not that you do not benefit from it already it those at home, but it will be different for him in a different environment). As for your child infringe or “picked on”, many two years hit, pinch, etc., but I do not know that “bully” other kids (they’re not going to beat him and his lunch money). This is all part of the learning process – he will probably beat someone at some point, and learn that this behavior is inappropriate. Talk to the teacher and / or director of their discipline techniques before enrolling it is your fears about your son or teacher always “mad at him” “taken up” to erleichtern.Die class is only a few hours a day, a few days a week. I think the benefits will outweigh all the negatives you foresee … Especially if he an only child, and does not have much interaction with other children to be Alter.EDIT: While it may be true that children learn social skills by emulating adult behavior, there are certain ways that do not even if your only child with parents. Alternately wait in line to experience other adults and children, and how she / act and react are all experiences that your child will not be on their own., Without being exposed to it Your child needs to develop and learn that they are an individual, separate from the parental authority that is going to learn a hard lesson when the child will not be socialized with other, separated from his parents a sense of autonomy. EDIT AGAIN: Also, please let thinking fool anyone that a few hours per week, the same as an overcrowded, underpaid, uncaring daycare (I’m referring to the link in another answer relates) in a kindergarten is. Firstly, not all the same daycare, and secondly, what you’re talking about is a structured preschool for infants, not an institutionalized daycare. Anyway, I’m not sure why I read this site continues – it is ridiculous to assume that all daycare centers are the same (and assume they are full of dirt and uncaring employees), as it is ridiculous opinions based on human form the basis of race or religion. You can not lump all daycare centers in more than one category to lump all food businesses in a category. When I found expired products and rotten produce at a grocery store, I should assume that all food shops stock expired and rotten food produce as a general practice? Ugh. Sorry for my rant – these things just burns me. I’ll try to keep the topic at hand from now on!

Reply hello seattle
I think you should enroll him, I volunteer in a kindergarten and we have a child in one of the classes that is younger than the rest, and he does well. If he needs extra help he has given him, and he is easily able to keep with the rest of the children. Socially, he gets along well with the other children, so I do not think that there would be a problem. Definitely enroll him is the most important preschool class! 🙂

told Reply anjelahoy
Honestly that’s a lot of days, but they are for children at this age use roaming about as what your son is doing is not new to them. It can help with socialization and it is not yet fully understood, the activities like circle time we sit, but he will eventually. We have enroll my middle child in preschool at 2, but only 2 days 2 hours. I just think these days too long for his age. He will not hurt you or collected for their benefit young children and are also the 2-year-olds are not fully in all activities. At this age they are very non-judgmental and loving and welcoming to others. As to other children is a lesson that you can never teach. I would say he may be less days or hours?

response of K go
It is a day care at this age are not a school, and there is no benefit to your son in day care … Good brief explanation: “Kids do not learn social skills by interacting with other children, no more than children on the piano by the interaction with other children to play musically illiterate lernen.Kinder learn social skills through observation and emulation behavior of adults.” Quoted here “The director and the teachers think that my son’s participation in the class will help his speech and social skills in general.” Highly unlikely. Look for “He tried hugging a little boy and the boy thought he would try to beat him, so he got pushed” rather than what the people who are trying to sell the program think you want to hear. ..

answer by Velvet
your concern about the level of care should not be a problem. Yes, 1-1 care how you make your son is unsurpassed, but teachers have children in this age very, very well know. I’m sure if it is a reputable kindergarten / preschool you do not need to worry about ist.Wie for your son is the odd one out, that’s just mind going overtime! as you said, he began to settle after 20 minutes, imagine what it is like to be after a few sessions? Children are very adaptable, and when the lady said it is normal and nothing to worry about! And the employees are experienced, educated adults, most of whom have their own children, and countless hours of experience, they do not lose their temper with a child! It’s more than their reputation / career worth you ist.Lassen him go, let him nd a surprise!

Reply by jns
I would say warten.Ich wrote my son in a very part-time day care while I attended a pharmacology class, when my son was 2.5 years. The daycare staff had very unrealistic expectations for the age group as a 20-30 minutes time if a district has a 2-year-old attention span of 2 minutes. The daycare ladies also told me that my son refused to hear (due to the long sit times) and do not understand how to wait in line. I received a note each day about how my son was basically a “bad” child for acting like a normal 2 year old. I was furious. Fortunately, my son loved going on and the only reason I kept him enrolled in the 2 days I had class was because my class was only a few weeks. I finished this nightmare schnell.Sie may never get this time. As a mother, you are his first teachers and their really nothing that your child at 2 years old in a daycare that he did not learn at home lernen.Mein son, who is 4, just start now, some benefits of a part-time daycare harvest, while I attend class. He enjoys being with other children and learn with other children. Has he learned something educational, while in daycare? No. .. I taught him his numbers, letters, colors, shapes. I teach him how to write his name and phonetics … etc. .. The only reason he is in daycare, is because he likes the social aspects and so I can finish a nursing degree. If he was not ready for them I would prefer it in a heartbeat and my school days in the Warteschleife.Vertrauen your instincts on this one. Take him to story hour, the park or at a mom and me playgroup. Children from 2 not about playing with other children as much as they care about being with mom care. He has plenty of time for social interaction at school, when he technically considered a preschooler at 3 and 4 …. Something else to consider is that things happen in the daycare. If your child can not talk and verbalize his time, you are left alone at daycare staff and their perception. What if he was hit, has little and the daycare staff did not witness it or just decided not to tell you? What if the daycare staff is understaffed and attentive to the needs of your child? These are all good reasons to skip daycare until your child is older.

reply by Sarah
Wow, that’s a tough nut. Here are a few blogs that is the question whether the school accredited or suitable, for example, help können.Hoffe, this helps http :/ /