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Do you think child support should be based on lifestyle or the direct costs associated with raising the child?

Posted in Child Support on 5th June 2014

Do you think child support should be based on lifestyle or the direct costs associated with raising the child?
When it comes to child support, do you think that it should be based on lifestyle/trickle down economics?. This is where the non-custodial parent pays the custodial parent money beyond what is needed for the day to day costs associated with raising the child. For example, if the non-custodial parent is wealthy, they may be ordered to pay in excess of $ 20,000 dollars a month. The theory is that by improving the custodial parent’s lifestyle, it will trickle down to the child.

On the other hand, some states like Texas cap child support at approximately $ 1,700 dollars per month, with the only exception being if the child is ill or something to that effect. This represents their view that child support is designed as “support,” not as “lifestyle to which they are accustomed” payment or a windfall for the custodial parent. So parents who earn more than $ 132,000 per year will generally pay the same amount of child support as someone who earns $ 1,000,000 or more per year.

Which method of child support do you agree with and why?.

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Answer by Musta Krakish
women agree with the first, men agree with the second.

Answer by Lula
I don’t think men should have to pay any child support. In fact, I think men should relinquish their rights as parents completely.

Answer by Pearl
I’m just interested in what the absent parent says to the kid when the kid asks “hey, how come I had to get a second hand bike on ebay when you live in a mansion”.

Answer by Ya Coffee
The vast majority of people are not rich like in your examples and barely makes ends meet as it is.

Support payments are not that much at least in Canada. “As of March 31, 2012, the median monthly amount of a regular child or spousal support payment across the nine jurisdictions was $ 331, an increase of about 4% from the previous year.” Even paying for another bedroom in your apartment can cost this much. It does in NO way cover all expenses for a child – food, shelter, school supplies, books, transportation and clothing.

Even if this is only a small portion of what it costs, only “two-thirds of beneficiaries receive a full support payment each month” of this amount. This leaves huge numbers of household in dire poverty and that is not acceptable.

If a parent is very rich and forces his child to live in poverty, there will be a lot of issues later in life when he has to explain his selfishness to his deprived child.

Answer by Molly
I agree with Pearl. Why should a child have to wear clothes from the thrift store when the parent gets his/hers at Gucci? It’s the least an absent parent can do after not being there to help raise their own child.

Answer by Grace Under Fire
The actual cost of raising a child. Though I would say that might vary widely by area or lifestyle. For example, if the parents are very wealthy, then what’s considered “normal” would look very different than that of a middle-income couple. I think it should be negotiated, taking many things into account.

Answer by InvincibleFudgePotatoe
i really think child support should not be pressed on , i mean it’s the mother fault for getting pregnant with who ever she slept with , child support is nothing but to get money . The single parent need to know how to support themselves and child , if they can’t support , then adoption . My bio farther use his child support from my mother , on his own personal needs .

Answer by Don’t click on me
why do men hate their child?

Answer by Integration 20
I like the cap Texas law uses.

There’s no reason to hand money over to the custodial parent in order to improve her lifestyle.

If the non custodial parent would like to spend extra on his child, it should not need to be filtered through the mother.

In essence the people of this forum are stating that care for a child goes beyond meeting its needs. The non custodial parent is required to splurge a certain percent of his income on the child by enhancing the mother’s income.

Answer by Brady
I agree with capping child support. Once the child’s basic needs are taken care of, that should be it. Women need to get jobs if they want to live in big houses and drive nice cars. Texas has the right idea!

What do you think of my writing and please be honest?

Posted in Working Mothers on 3rd May 2014

What do you think of my writing and please be honest?
I heard the door creep open, and in stepped Mama. She looked upon me at pity, holding that tattered photo. My eyes were raw and the hurt was ceaseless. Like a dog, I crawled to her legs and clinged; I wanted my sorrow to wash away. She crawled down to my level and wept with me. Her arms ached with the same hurt that I had.

“I’m sorry, baby. I know this isn’t fair.”

“Why couldn’t I have kept her? I would have been a good mother.”

“I know,” she sobbed, softly caressing my hair.

My dignity was depleting. My livelihood was taken. My soul was degraded. My child was stolen. A stolen innocence was to be brought up in a world of hungry wolves wanting to feed on a bastard child. Life meant nothing without our children. They were what kept the world spinning and spinning. Generation upon generation of children grew from adolescents to adults to turn our world upside down and inside-out. It was what rocked our world and kept our heads held high. But me, I had nothing to be proud of, I kept my head lurking in the shadows only to wait for my baby to come home to me.

Best answer(s):

Answer by Jessica Jonas
Very professional; I want to

Answer by spookylilgirl
bravo ! Very Good

Answer by Karen
Is she an adult? She acts like a kid at first, but then an adult? I don’t understand that….but mostly because it is out of contextt for me. otherwise it is relaly good especially with the details.

Answer by Iphigenia
You need more sentence variety, and make it flow more smoothly. Right now it’s Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. I don’t know what age group your protagonist is supposed to be, it seems like a child, then adult, and back and forth. The middle part of the last paragraph is very grand, but rather impersonal in my opinion, at least in the context of the beginning and end of that paragraph.

Answer by ★☆ L⁴☆★ [ [ Momma Mia! ] ]
Your syntax needs work. Also, “I heard” isa filter, which puts distance between the reader and the story. A simple “The door creaked open…” is fine.

do you think i should open up cats and dog hoter or moter up?

Posted in Babysitting on 7th April 2014

do you think i should open up cats and dog hoter or moter up?

i mean hotel sorry miss word
sorry about miss spell word i mean hotel i dont kid i am grown up
hotel that cats and dogs come stay went the owner out town each cats and dog would have it own room to run around in

Best answer(s):

Answer by Café Mocha Valencia
I don’t know what a “hoter” or “moter” is but since you’ve asked ten other questions about “babysitting” cats I assume you mean HOTEL?

You’re clearly a CHILD. No one is going to entrust you with their pets in your home. And pets are actually better staying in their own homes. Ask neighbours if they need pet sitters when they go away but no – 12 year old shouldn’t start “moters” LOL