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Maternity and Childcare help : Measuring ROI

Posted in Child Support on 4th February 2018

Within the first a part of the weblog, we mentioned concerning the investments that a company wants to contemplate when deciding on their maternity and youngster care help packages.Right here, we are going to talk about concerning the returns and therefore the advantages that organizations can reap by placing the appropriate help initiatives in place.

What are the returns?

Whereas compliance is one cause, the enterprise cause and therefore the true weight behind these advantages turning into actual, solely comes when clearly linked returns are seen by the management.

It’s therefore essential to measure the ROI.

However, what are the returns that may actually be realized? Opposite to fashionable perception that these advantages solely lead to intangible advantages like elevated worker morale and an inclusive tradition, there are fairly a number of tangible outcomes that help their implementation.

  • Backside Line Influence – Specializing in the hidden prices reveals that organizations are bleeding closely on the publish maternity attrition. Not solely are they dropping out on their nicely aligned expertise, they’re dropping closely on the maternity payouts and rehiring prices. By investing into the maternity join packages can assist organizations save this price and lead to a big impact on their backside traces.

  • Retention – The struggle for expertise reveals how robust it’s to seek out good expertise, particularly within the skilled class. Analysis clearly exhibits that an ideal chunk of the expertise pool is being misplaced through the years and the highest cause attributed for that’s absence of kid care help.

It is a vital price for organizations, which find yourself dropping its dedicated expertise pool. By investing into youngster care help and parental help packages, organizations can retain their invaluable expertise pool and maintain development.

  • Variety – Regardless of many devoted efforts throughout organizations, the range numbers proceed to be a matter of concern for India Inc. Funding in these packages assist retain ladies which impacts range and therefore influence the monetary parameters.

Catalyst analysis exhibits that corporations with the next proportion of ladies in government positions :-

  1. Have a 34% increased complete return to shareholders than these that don’t.
  2. Outperform these with the least on return on invested capital by 26%

Analysis additionally exhibits that Maternity, Little one Care Assist is the most important enabler to retain working moms and influence the range numbers.

Analysis reveals that 75% of Indian ladies drop out of the workforce for childcare simply earlier than they’re about to enter the most efficient years of their profession.

— Chandana Tyagi —

To Take part in ROI on Maternity/Childcare Practices Survey 2018.
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Concerning the Creator

I’ve 13+ years of expertise within the OD and Expertise Administration house, and as a management coach my ardour is to assist individuals uncover their inherent potential which additionally drives my teaching type, thus serving to individuals to maneuver from concepts to actions and at last to outcomes. After my second son, I linked to the reason for Gender Steadiness in India Inc much more and subsequently in my present position in ProEves lead the company options round Variety, Maternity and Parenting Practices.

What You Need to Know About Child Support and Conservation Amendment

Posted in Child Support on 14th January 2018

Sometimes things change after a final decree of divorce or other order concerning children. According to the Census Bureau, in recent years an estimated 13.4 million parents had custody of 21.5 million children whose other parent lived elsewhere.

Courts have the power to modify child custody or support arrangements to meet the needs of the child and to respond to changes in the parents’ lives. When these things occur, revisiting the terms of the order may not only be justified, but necessary for the general welfare, protection and support of the children. Here are some things you need to know about child support and custody modification.

Change in Behavior

Changes in the behavior of the other parent or changes in the wishes of the child may justify a change in custody or periods of visitation. Sometimes, significant changes in the child may signal a need for modification. As a children gets older, they may desire to spend more time with the other parent. Perhaps the child has a difficult time in adjusting to and living with siblings or stepchildren. There could also be a concern that a remarriage may introduce elements of emotional or physical harm. Each of these behavior issues are just a few of the many valid reasons for support and custody modification.

Change in Location

A change in the location of the parents may justify changing the point of exchange for the child. If a child has strong family ties or established social roots to a particular area, these need to be taken into account. If a determination can be made that the relocation of a custodial parent may cause undue stress and emotional conflict for the child, this may also be a factor in custody modification. Stability in the life of the child is the primary concern of the court.

Change in Income

A change in the income of the parent paying child support may justify increasing or decreasing support. Child support is always modifiable. Modifying child support requires a material change in the circumstances upon which the ordered payments were predicated. A substantial change of circumstances affecting either party’s income often satisfies this burden.

The court is generally required to consider the same factors it considered when setting the original support order. Courts will not modify orders to suit trivial or immaterial changes of circumstances. However, if there has been a material change of circumstances, it may be appropriate to ask the Court to change the underlying order.

If you are considering a modification of your child support and custody agreement, an understanding Austin family attorney who is experienced in family law can answer your questions and guide you through each step of the process.

To receive sound legal advice regarding child support and custody modification, contact Austin family attorney, Greg Gegenheimer. Greg Gegenheimer is an experienced Austin family attorney who is committed to helping men and women with legal counseling, strategic planning and professional representation.

If you find yourself in a family crisis, Greg Geigenheimer can help you better understand your situation and options, formulate a plan of action, and be a powerful advocate on your behalf. He is a certified mediator with an Advanced Certification in Family Law and often is able to help resolve disputes before they go to court. Contact him today at 512-472-7501 to schedule a 30-minute free consultation or go to

Only Child Support In Ontario Vs. Joint Custody In Ontario

Posted in Child Support on 10th January 2018

Click and here you are. Youre thinking about Separation. Or, youre in the middle of a Divorce. Either way, youre all here to end your relationship. And, in order to do so, its a good idea that you inform yourselves of your rights and obligations. After all, you cant go into battle without knowing the rules of engagement.

Family breakup is devastating to children. If anything will screw them up, having their world fall apart will likely do it. You may have tried marital counselling, meditation, and maybe even medication but nothing seems to stop the arguing or the paralyzing ambivalence. You know what that means, right? Youre in neutral and cant get into gear.

If you have children and havent tried everything to save the relationship, you should. Put your pencil down. Stop what youre doing. Make an appointment right now to see a family therapist. If therapy or medication doesnt work, you can always consider separation or divorce as a final option.

Now, for those of you still here, we know what you have been going through. Youve tried everything to save the family unit, all to no avail. You have children who are now screwed up (or will be).

They will survive. You will survive. Some may learn from the experience. Some may not. Whatever happens, the decision of who is to have custody of the children and what the access arrangements will be are two of the most important and difficult issues to resolve following a relationship breakdown.
Both parents presumably love their children a great deal and want to spend as much time with their children as possible. Some of you may not. For you, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime to offload your god-given responsibilities to your children on your spouse. The goal is always to achieve a custody and access arrangement which is in the best interests of the children and which is mutually agreeable and satisfactory for both parents.

Lets examine sole custody in Ontario vs. joint custody in Ontario.

Sole custody means that one parent has the authority to make all of the decisions with respect to the children, including important decisions affecting their welfare. When a parent has sole custody, the children also typically reside primarily with that parent.

Many people have heard of the term joint custody but dont realize that it doesnt mean an equal sharing of time with the children. What it actually means is that both parents will have equal decision-making authority with respect to major decisions affecting the children.

Joint custody arrangements require a considerable amount of flexibility and cooperation on the part of parents. Guess what? You and your ex are going to have to communicate. Thats right . . . I said the C word. If you dont communicate or theres been a history of conflict or abuse, forget about joint custody. Children benefit from having two parents that act together to further their best interests. When joint custody works, your children are the beneficiaries. They may even learn how to talk and listen to others as a result of modeling your behaviour. Think about this option carefully. Before either of you dismiss it as an impossibility try consulting a social worker or child psychologist to see if the two of you can make it work. Either way, your custody arrangement should be appropriate in light of your and your spouses relationship with each other and with your children.

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