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Only Child Support In Ontario Vs. Joint Custody In Ontario

Posted in Child Support on 10th January 2018

Click and here you are. Youre thinking about Separation. Or, youre in the middle of a Divorce. Either way, youre all here to end your relationship. And, in order to do so, its a good idea that you inform yourselves of your rights and obligations. After all, you cant go into battle without knowing the rules of engagement.

Family breakup is devastating to children. If anything will screw them up, having their world fall apart will likely do it. You may have tried marital counselling, meditation, and maybe even medication but nothing seems to stop the arguing or the paralyzing ambivalence. You know what that means, right? Youre in neutral and cant get into gear.

If you have children and havent tried everything to save the relationship, you should. Put your pencil down. Stop what youre doing. Make an appointment right now to see a family therapist. If therapy or medication doesnt work, you can always consider separation or divorce as a final option.

Now, for those of you still here, we know what you have been going through. Youve tried everything to save the family unit, all to no avail. You have children who are now screwed up (or will be).

They will survive. You will survive. Some may learn from the experience. Some may not. Whatever happens, the decision of who is to have custody of the children and what the access arrangements will be are two of the most important and difficult issues to resolve following a relationship breakdown.
Both parents presumably love their children a great deal and want to spend as much time with their children as possible. Some of you may not. For you, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime to offload your god-given responsibilities to your children on your spouse. The goal is always to achieve a custody and access arrangement which is in the best interests of the children and which is mutually agreeable and satisfactory for both parents.

Lets examine sole custody in Ontario vs. joint custody in Ontario.

Sole custody means that one parent has the authority to make all of the decisions with respect to the children, including important decisions affecting their welfare. When a parent has sole custody, the children also typically reside primarily with that parent.

Many people have heard of the term joint custody but dont realize that it doesnt mean an equal sharing of time with the children. What it actually means is that both parents will have equal decision-making authority with respect to major decisions affecting the children.

Joint custody arrangements require a considerable amount of flexibility and cooperation on the part of parents. Guess what? You and your ex are going to have to communicate. Thats right . . . I said the C word. If you dont communicate or theres been a history of conflict or abuse, forget about joint custody. Children benefit from having two parents that act together to further their best interests. When joint custody works, your children are the beneficiaries. They may even learn how to talk and listen to others as a result of modeling your behaviour. Think about this option carefully. Before either of you dismiss it as an impossibility try consulting a social worker or child psychologist to see if the two of you can make it work. Either way, your custody arrangement should be appropriate in light of your and your spouses relationship with each other and with your children.

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Dna Paternity Test Can Help To Stop Fraudulent Child Support

Posted in Child Support on 8th January 2018

The joy of becoming father especially for the first time is indeed indescribable. Unfortunately, a few individuals are shocked to learn that they are not the true fathers of their offsprings. A woman may mislead her husband by making him believe that he is the actual father of her baby, though the fact is the opposite. There may be numerous motives of a woman behind committing such fraud regarding the paternity issue. The most common motive is to get the financial support for the upbringing of the baby. Accusing a man of being the father of her baby is simply an endeavor to force him to take up the financial responsibility of the baby. If any woman drags a man to court and claims for financial support for her child, she has to prove the man’s biological relationship with her kid. Only the DNA technology is reliable for investigation in such cases. It has drastically changed the procedure of handling these paternity claims these days. The DNA paternity test can uncover several shameful cases of paternity fraud.

Individuals who are in doubt about their paternity, have DNA paternity test available as the most recommended option before they step up to take some others’ babies under their care. DNA tests, blood tests and other types of genetic tests are included in the paternity fraud test. These paternity testings provide individuals with accurate results.

DNA paternity test is an advanced medical procedure of sorting out the parentage issue for personal, medical or legal reasons. With progressive DNA technology of these days, DNA paternity test is a rapid and affordable way for acquiring definitive answers in this parentage issue. During this paternity testing, a specimen of buccal swab is collected from the supposed father and the child. The collected sample comprises donors cells which contain genetic blueprint in the DNA form. The DNA is extracted from the cells at the testing lab. Thereafter, in the PCR procedure, certain regions of DNA are amplified for the purpose of testing. Then, the DNA profiles of the accused father and the child are analyzed and compared. Since the kid has inherited the genes from his/her biological parents, the testing will surely determine the biological parentage.

This DNA paternity test will help individuals to detect whether they are the biological fathers of their children. Opting for such test when the person is in doubt will assist him to avoid providing financial support to the alleged child. In few of the jurisdictions this paternity fraud is considered as a criminal offense since it is regarded as fraud. Moreover once the fraudulence is proven, he is free to sue the mother in order to get his financial contribution back. Getting the result of paternity fraud test at right time is vital as the court has the power to disregard the results if it takes too long.

To know the truth is essential to lots of individuals, especially where the issue of uncertain paternity exists. It is always better to verify the truth through DNA paternity test than being in stressful mental state and being duped by their partners. These days the DNA paternity test is an established and vital legitimate part of several paternity cases. Individuals can easily take the help of Internet to know more about these paternity tests and the procedure.

There Is Penalties For Failure to Pay Child Support

Posted in Child Support on 7th January 2018

Jou moet weet oor die nie-nakoming boetes in betrekking te die mislukking te betaal kind ondersteun.

Some of the penalties are found in Act 16 -Support Penalty Act and include in:

(A) Failure to Support Defined: Failure of supporting parent to pay shall be found guilty of contempt.

(1) Where the obligor without lawful excuse willfully refuses to provide support of his child under the age of 18 and obligor has the ability to provide such support.

(a) That could result in a class A misdeed.

(2) Where there is a court or administrative order and the obligor fails to pay support if the obligation has remained unpaid for a period longer than six months or is in arrears for an amount greater than $ 5,000.00.

(a) That could result in a class A misdeed.

(3) If the obligor leaves the State with the intent to evade a support order which has remained unpaid for a period longer than 6 months or is in arrears in an amount greater than $ 10,000.00. This is regardless of when the child support actually accrued.

(a) That could result in a class D Felony.
(b) Prosecution can be commenced with a complaint filed by the person receiving child support, by the State Attorney’s office or by the Attorney General’s office if the case is referred by the Illinois Department of Public Aid.
(c) Interest and fines

(1) Where a support obligation is due and unpaid for 30 days or more interest shall accrue at a rate of 9% per annum.

(2) courts may also lay penalties and sentences:

(a) Fine of $ 1-5,000.00 if the support obligation is unpaid for a period longer than 2 years or is in arrears for an amount from $ 1-10,000.00.
(b) Fine of 5-10,000.00 if the support obligation is unpaid for longer than 5 years or is in arrears from $ 10-20,000.00.
(c) Fine of $ 10-25,000.00 if the support obligation is unpaid for longer than 8 years or is in arrears in an amount greater than $ 20,000.00.