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Dumb question, but should i do it ?

Posted in Babysitting on 13th March 2014

Dumb question, but should i do it ?
im “baby sitting” my uncles dogs for him, and honestly im starving. He has a tube of cookie dough in his freezer and im wondering if it would be okay if i ate it? he had 2 but i ate the other one about a month ago. haha so should I?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Househunter
I wouldn’t. Unless you plan on replacing it before he gets back.

Answer by Allison
haaha if you want to 🙂 well you are baby sitting his dogs so…

Answer by modulator
If you want a massive stomach ache go ahead but I wouldn’t recommend it

Answer by hidden moon
lol yes.. who cares its cookie dough

Answer by cutie pie
You would regret it afterwards bcuz your stomach would prob cramp up even tho it didnt happen to me till a day later but order pizza or something

Answer by Seeker
he’s your family and family shares everything!! go for it!

Answer by Thalia Montanez
If I was you I would just get half and then if he says you could have it you eat the rest If not you left half for him .

Answer by r4d4
Dooooo it!!!!!! 😀

Answer by some guy

Simple question babysitter?

Posted in Babysitting on 1st February 2013

Simple question babysitter?
I am a babysitter and how should I say, change the nut to improve me a few things she would like for me /? I want them to really like mich.Ich want the text to say “hello, I have a question. What are somethings you would like for me to improve / change while babysitting?” How should I contact? Correct my sentence Best Answer (s):.

response from Christopher
you have it right. “Hello, I was, like you think that I, as a babysitter curiosity and if you have any beat, I’ll try to i> for better intention for you and your kid (s)

I suggest you do this in person the next time you sit on the first see the mother (or the father – fathers are like included, too), just smile and say. “I want You ask how you think I’m doing. Some feedback on anything you think I could still improve would be appreciated. “And let’s just give them a few moments, and when she, as if she does not answer, you can immediately see, add:..” I do not reply immediately, but if anything else, let me know I want to do that job well for you and the kids. “Good luck!

response from Jahier you
they should ask you for your shift is over. When the children / child sleeps just ask the mother, you need to improve. Way you are shows her that you do not think your perfect, and you can take advice. you will love and so will I.

response from crashtestpuppets
I think I would it start with “Is there anything I can do” or “Is there anything you would like me to do differently,” Is there anything I can do to make things easier?

Question about pregnancy? No rude answers please, long story, 10 pts?!?

Posted in Working Mothers on 8th October 2012

Question about pregnancy? No rude answers please, long story, 10 pts?!?
Okay so i’m a little paranoid but then again i’ve always been a worry wart. ANYWAY, saturday i was hanging out with my boyfriend and i sat on his lap, we were facing each other, i had just finished my period but i had my pad on because i sometimes randomly leak after wards, i basically dry-humped him, we both had jeans on, he his boxers, and me with mine and my pad. The day after, on sunday, i did the same thing but not as long, as the day before, still with jeans on and everything except this time i didn’t have my pad on. My question is, can i possibly be pregnant? I keep seeing these signs of “mother” and “baby” popping up everywhere, but maybe its just my paranoia working up. Please help, this may sound ridiculous and im pretty well educated on sex its just i hear there is a possibility for pregnancy, even though sperm dies as soon as it hits air.
It was cold outside, we were in his backyard on the grass wrestling about. We both had jeans on, and i had a pad on saturday not on sunday. His pants were not wet, i was actually really careful about that.

Best answer(s):

Answer by super— answer
if you were wearing jeans, then there is no possible way that you can be pregnant.

Answer by perfectvelvet
The chance is so slim, it’s pretty much 0.

Answer by latina14545
the only way you can get pregnant is if his dick is in you and he cums in you sometimes even pre cum. so your fine. theres nooooo way you can be pregnant.
your just paraniod.

Answer by Sarah Smith
No, i dont think you can get pregnant from that..
But if your really worried, take a pregnancy test!

Answer by ℓiℓα мιℓℓιon ∂яεαм
Hmmm i really don’t think so because well you weren’t ovulating at that moment since you just had gotten of your period and if hes penis didn’t enter your vagina i don’t think its possible maybe its all in your head and just a quick thing sperm does not die when it hits the air it does die but it takes time maybe 5 mins or a couple of hours depending on the temperature of the room

Answer by Kendy63
You guys werent technically having sexual intercourse there for you cannot get pregnant. The sperm has to get to the ovaries pretty fast and seeing as you guys were dry humping i see no possible way.

Answer by Amanda
Just an FYI the penis dosen’t need to be in the vagina to get a girl pregnant, the sperm or pre-ejaculate fluid just needs to be close enough to the vagina (it swims ask any doctor). But since you most likely were not ovulating and you had jeans on and so did he then the answer would be no you are not pregnant.