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Why fornication management provisions is as an important part of the Obama / Pelosi Health Care?

Posted in Child Care on 23rd March 2013

Why is fornication management provisions as an important part of the Obama / Pelosi Health Care?
Abortion is not “heathcare ‘Abortion is not health care interests of the mother and not certianly the child, abortion is simply fornication management abortion ignores any rights of the most vulnerable people in America that ungeboreneAbtreibung ignored fathers’ rights abortion ignores the brutality, which added to the baby healthcare nichtwarum? it healthcare package includes health purposes is very nebulous Every abortion after the first trimester is, justified by real or imagined health Best Answer (s):?.

response from KeyKey2010
It does not now. Federal money will be given only to abortion for rape, incest and health purposes

answer by Pete W
I never thought of abortion in this light. Very perceptive. I have put a bit of the edge to the question, although saying that not in all cases, abortion is a product of fornication. Legally married couples go through this ordeal and abortion. I would pray to God to survive all of these little ones, and ask his blessing on the adults involved.

response from Faithful
We have heard the word of choice, over and over again. We should .. we saw the absolute long time ago is not it! It’s about money .. and Planned Parenthood they get real big bucks in mother and child costs .. How long did it take? The mother was not on pain medication, oral care at very reasonable called for more money! If the killer took the time .. it takes time, and time is what money —! I and very few support the killing of a so-called Doctor. You just need psychological care that they do it, how many of us are doing. We are pleased to apologize by everyone! These vultures payee support money! Support their primary oath is not money, but they suck baby parts and try to tell you, you are the right choice! There is no truth in the operation, as the patient may not facts, except to support money! Those who want to tell the patient limited government! Sun Facts are not allowed .. Money is the god! Is not that what we see now? It was bad enough that a pro-life never be elected as president, and your freedom in the way is money! Earl

response from bwlobo I
so full whirlingmerc totally agree! Way to go in a bold question questions like these! Pro-abortion forces have been forever calling abortion health care. Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider defines its business as providing “reproductive health.” Gallup poll recently showed that for the first time a majority of Americans (51 percent) pro-life and religious sind.Wissenschaft to disagree, if instead the addition, the religion tries to displace science or science tries to religion verdrängen.Der Socialism is the latter. Instead of recognizing that each person is unique and free, was in the image of God, attempted socialism in order to make us turn in laboratory rodents, pretending our lives according to predictable formulas to verwalten.Dies is unfortunately what the health care bills that the Democratic Party is now trying to feed the American public forcibly. It’s why they are disasters waiting to happen.

Obama Scholarships for Moms Improve the Future of Mothers

Posted in Working Mothers on 6th June 2012

Obama Scholarships for Moms Improve the Future of Mothers

Article by Marlon Jackson

Obama care? Exactly how will my elders be treated?

Posted in Child Care on 24th April 2012

Obama care? Exactly how will my elders be treated?
I’m just curious, but it sounds to me like if they pass this “Obama Care” that it will cause more suffering than good. I mean if the government is controlling my health care and I get sick with lets say cervical cancer. It spreads but there is a 20% percent chance that I may survive treatment and beat the disease. I am left in the hands of politicians to determine if it’s worth the governments dime to allow me this chance? If the odds aren’t in my favor, will I be denied? The same with the elderly. If they are already 80 years old, are they going to say, well, they really aren’t going to live much longer anyway, the odds of this procedure actually working is only 10% so it’s better if we just help them die! I know most of you will probably think this is a little radical, but ask yourself, do you trust your government enough to make those decisions for you? Would you put your mother’s life in their hands? How about your babies, your brother? My answer is hell no! I don’t trust them to make a decision on gas prices, don’t screw with my life or the life of my children!

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Answer by confused
You are right. If the plan passes, the government will choose who is considered a productive member of society and if you are not, you will not receive benefits. You will be screwed and basically left to die. it is a horrible plan and doesn’t make any sense other than Obama wants to socialize America.

Answer by Country Mama
Have you heard of The president speech.