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what do i need to know b4 going into a child custody hearing?

Posted in Child Support on 3rd April 2014

what do i need to know b4 going into a child custody hearing?
any help will be greatly appresciated.
its last minute

its on monday help!!!!

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Answer by Rebekah K
If it is an initial determination, they will compare the home environments of both patents and try to make the best call they can for the kids. With young kids, most judges have a bias in favor of mothers. With older kids, the kid’s wishes are often taken into account.

If it is a change of custody, the side asking for the change will have to prove a change in circumstances. If it is an emergency hearing they will have to prove that the child is in imminent danger.

A list of some things courts will consider dangerous to a child that you might not have thought of:
Living with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or having them sleep over when the kids are home.
Any amount of drug use in the home no matter how minor.
A home that is always a mess.
More kids than bedrooms for them, especially if boys and girls are in the same room.

Answer by wazzupp3
1)prove you can support the kid/kids without the other parents help. You’ll look very weak if you mention the words “child support” “alimony” or “help”
2)Show the judge respect, but don’t suck-up.
3)Leave the children at home. Judges consider children at custody cases very inappropriate.
4)Being nervous is OK, but “balling” in front of the court shows lack of self-control over emotions
5)Do not talk to the judge/court unless spoken to
6)Show no signs of weakness by arguing with the other parent in the courtroom
7)Go to the bathroom before the proceedings 🙂
Good Luck!!

need single mother grant?

Posted in Working Mothers on 24th March 2014

need single mother grant?
im a single mother of a 3 year old n i have some health problems that hold me back from working i need money asap anyone know a grant or loan for single mothers thanks

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Answer by A Hunch
We have no idea about your situations (is the children’s father(s) a deadbeat, did he die without insurance, we don’t know). We also don’t know what your situation is – do you truly have an illness that you can’t work or do you make more than it is and you don’t work?

Whatever your situation is, why would you think you are eligible for special circumstances because you are a “single mother”? Many people are having tough times and you are eligible for the same services that they are, but there is no grant for “single mothers”.

Do you need a real job!!?

Posted in Babysitting on 20th January 2014

need a real job!!?
I want a job, but I am under the age of 16, but first I want to say I do not think anyone would want to say “why do not you baby sit” or “dog walk”. I want something like a real job and I do not care about the payment and I’ll treasure can get one if you paid below minimum Wadge and your parents agree, I just want a real job someone please help me. The best answer (s):

of Common Sense
You “herd” about being “paid” at a minimum “Wadge” answer? If I saw an application with this type of spelling I’d throw it. It shows ignorance and a lack of love, many employers do not hire people for scarce jobs Detail.Mit under 16. They tend to be less responsible (not all, but many) and many have transportation problems.

Answer by Helper
Safeway, you must be at least 14, so if your younger then sorry no other jobs out there

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to your parents talk

Reply DarlinNikki
Hey Common Sense person does not require this a Q on a resume yahoo-writing. There is a difference, LOL.Eine amount pizzerias are children rent your age, and I know DQ often does. You could send a flyer for your own “lawn mowing service ‘, etc., when all else fails.

Reply smileyg_81
Many jobs offer youth jobs as long as they have a work permit. While I’m not sure what is required to obtain a permit, you should be able to see the situation somewhat. Probably tho, it is in the fast food industry because they most willing and flexible with teenagers are. you know about the school plans and have it easier to work around them. Good luck.