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Profession as a preschool trainer for a returning mom is rewarding

Posted in Child Support on 2nd June 2018

In case you are somebody who loves being across the children and in addition considering of becoming a member of work after a break, then this text is for you. From versatile working to full time job, out of many choices out there, becoming a member of preschool is a really appropriate choice. Few months out of the office can depart you fearing in your expertise, however these fears could possibly be overcome by having a correct planning for becoming a member of work once more. Under is a few helpful info for efficiently becoming a member of a preschool as a trainer after having a household.

  1. Is that this profession appropriate for you? : Preschool lecturers educate youngsters utilizing fundamental instructing strategies equivalent to exhibiting footage, storytelling, rhyming, video games, music, art work, and play. In addition they train the kids good habits and manners. In addition they assist the kids to develop data, talents and social expertise and assist to organize them for main college training. Therefore, as a preschool trainer it’s worthwhile to use your intelligence, caring nature, persistence, creativity, and knowledge.
  2. On the point of be a part of a preschool as trainer: The minimal eligibility criterion to turn out to be a preschool trainer is commencement. With commencement, Primary Coaching Certificates (BTC), Diploma in Training (D.Ed) and Trainer Coaching Certificates (TTC) are the instructing programs in India that may aid you get a preschool instructing job. The one-year certificates/ diploma course in Nursery Trainer Coaching (NTT) is probably the most most popular path to turn out to be a preschool trainer. There are a number of preschools which have NTT Certification as a compulsory requirement. Having a Little one Improvement Affiliate (CDA) or Little one Care Skilled (CCP) certification is an added benefit.

A few of the pre colleges don’t require a bachelor’s diploma. In that case, it’s worthwhile to go for course like Little one Care and Training; Early Childhood Training; Pre-Major Trainer Coaching Training, Montessori training (Diploma Programs provided by Affiliation Montessori Worldwide, AMI associates) and many others. These programs will be accomplished after 10+2

  1. Test the add-on expertise & Apply: The important thing expertise you’ll want to domesticate are the power to be versatile, inventive, nurturing, and affected person. You’ll additionally wish to be educated in spreadsheet software program, information entry software program, instructional software program and tools, classroom administration strategies, and have tutorial expertise. You might be prepared now to use for preschool trainer.

The profession as preschool trainer is predicted to stay sturdy because the emphasis on early childhood training will increase. This occupation is projected to develop about 7% by 2024.

The key goal of a preschool trainer is to create a house away from dwelling. Should you love spending time with youngsters and might present dedication, accountability, creativity, empathy, persistence, and sincerity like an actual mom, preschool instructing could possibly be a really perfect profession for you

In case you are searching for alternatives to work at reputed daycares and preschools throughout main Indian cities, please apply now. Register Right here.

If the mother gets full custody of the children, does the father still needs to send child support?

Posted in Child Support on 19th June 2014

If the mother gets full custody of the children, does the father still needs to send child support?
The mother is telling that she got full custody. The father never received any subpoena/info.
Thank you so much guys.

Best answer(s):

Answer by Doc
Chances are, if she got full custody, the judge will “award” her a percentage of his income as “child support.”
Note to Crabby B,
I came home from the war and a year later, without ever letting on, SHE filed for divorce. She asked for a restraining order — as a “combat vet.” she felt her life would be in danger. It was granted. She asked for full custody of both our son and the family cat. I tried to contest but the “judge” informed me that because I’m both a man AND (now retired) in the military, that I’d make a lousy father. She was awarded just over 50% of my pay. Three months later, the cat had been put to sleep — he reminded her of me AND she abandoned our son. It took me three years of fighting to get him back. And the “judge” was generous enough to “Give” me $ 100 a month in child support. I got about 1 year’s worth.
I never spoke ill of her and when he turned 18 went to see her. Within 2 weeks, she was kicking him to the curb, saying that he’s exactly like me. He now hates women and has little to no respect for them. I pray that he meets the right one and that attitude someday changes. I think I’ve more than met MY responsibility. And while I admit that I DID indeed make mistakes, I still feel I was a pretty good father. So please, don’t lecture us about men and responsibility. There’s plenty of blame to go ’round.

Answer by John M
Sounds like Dad needed a better lawyer.

Answer by open thoughts
The father can contest if he was not served, etc, and she cannot prove that she tried according to the guidelines set by law regarding an absent parent.

Now, in answer to full custody/child support. Yes the father is still required to pay child support. Unless the parental rights of the father are fully taken away by the courts…Full custody of the mother does not count. No parental rights means that it is legally as if he is not the father. The only other way he is not required is if someone else adopts the child/children.

Answer by Crabby_blindguy
Yes. Custody and child support are two different issues, and the father must pay the child support the court orders.

Some men try to link the two–or intimidate themother into agreeingto joint custiody in exchange for child support. These scumbags should look at themselves–that kind of attitude is WHY they couldn’t cut it as fathers or husbands.

The bottom line: caring for the child is a responsibiity that doesn’t end jsut because the man wnats to take the money and go parrty. If he didn’t wnt to accept the responsibility, he shoud have joined a monastary, not gotten married.

Answer by Allie F
Yes!!!! If the child is in the mothers care full custody he will still need to provide money to support the child because it is his child so yes he will need to.

Answer by gigglesdarbar
what dad needs to do is seek worthy legal advice and get a lawyer because it sounds like mom is just saying that to mess with his mind. But better to be safe than sorry and hire someone to start legal procedures and do the research and yes unfortunately dad does have to pay child support wether mom has full custody or not. He has not signed over his parental rights which means he is still responsible for this child both morally and legally.

Answer by left_coast_punk
At the risk of stating the obvious, yes he does, she is the custodial parent. If he never recieved a soubpena then that is a separate legal issue he will need to pursue.

Until then the order for support is considered valid.

Answer by raichasays
In the US, yes.

Answer by alaskasourdoughman
No subpoena necessary, if he received notice via regular mail at his last known address. If he ignored the notice that is his problem, then the court rules without him.
Custody and child support are two different orders from the court. The mother MUST ask for child support, file a motion or petition for the court to act (order payment).
The father should document any child support payments and verify with the State Child Support agency. If he has no proof of child support payments, he is still liable and fines, liens against his property, garnished wages, by the State will result.

Answer by BEE Alive
A court order will be on record at the court house so the father needs to go get a copy of it. It will cost 50cents a page possibly.

If he is under court order to pay then yes he will have to pay.

***I can not say this enough.***
ALWAYS DOCUMENT EVERYTHING and make every payment on time.


Pay consistantly, on time each month. DO NOT GIVE CASH.
Always pay by money order or check and keep copies of the receipts, money order stub, and cleared checks of EVERYTHING YOU HAVE PAID.

***If you pay directly to ex then get a file and keep organized records of every child support payment.***

***Keep receipts of everything you buy your children because EVERYTHING you buy can be applied to your child support arrears***if there is any. Never say it was a gift ~especially if there are arrears.

If there are arrears then the x can file to get income tax refund so don’t file jointly with your new spouse unless the tax company you use documents it so the irs does not take your new spouses part of the refund.

In some cases it it better to go through the child support enforcement office because it holds both sides accountable BUT if you ever get behind on a payment they will become the child support payee’s enemy and no matter what your x is doing it will not matter because THEY WANT THE MONEY.

KEEP GOOD RECORDS on visits, children behaviors, phone calls, money, time spent and not spent together & etc.

The states look at child support and visitation as seperate so keep good records on both. You will thank me for this in years to come.

need single mother grant?

Posted in Working Mothers on 24th March 2014

need single mother grant?
im a single mother of a 3 year old n i have some health problems that hold me back from working i need money asap anyone know a grant or loan for single mothers thanks

Best answer(s):

Answer by A Hunch
We have no idea about your situations (is the children’s father(s) a deadbeat, did he die without insurance, we don’t know). We also don’t know what your situation is – do you truly have an illness that you can’t work or do you make more than it is and you don’t work?

Whatever your situation is, why would you think you are eligible for special circumstances because you are a “single mother”? Many people are having tough times and you are eligible for the same services that they are, but there is no grant for “single mothers”.