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Working Moms Now Have Access To Scholarships Through Federal Programs – Get $10,000 Now!

Posted in Working Mothers on 10th April 2012

Working Moms Now Have Access To Scholarships Through Federal Programs – Get ,000 Now!

Article by Lindsy Emery

Many colleges (a good number of them are online universities) have gotten together to form an educational awareness program called Project Working Mom: Putting Education to Work. It is a coalition that is driving the campaign to educate our nation’s mothers by providing $ 2 million in scholarships.

Qualifying mothers are given tuition money to spend on universities of their choice (although the online colleges heavily advertise their services). But, why mothers? Well, it turns out that American mothers are not doing so well in the job market, and with an economy lagging seriously behind, these dedicated women can no longer be ignored.

Ninety nine percent (99%) of American women will work for pay at some time in their lives while 60.7% of the women in the workforce are mothers with children under the age of 3. Eighty percent (80%) of single parent families are headed by women.

Fifty percent (50%) of married working women earn more than $ 40K a year, while only 22% of single working mothers can even claim to make at least $ 30K. Single mothers are 19% more likely to live in poverty than single fathers, and over 80% of single mothers lack higher education, thus locking them into the poverty cycle. Women comprise 46% of the work force. With those statistics, it is no wonder that President Obama addressed the education issue in his American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and has urged every American to attend at least one year of college. ARRA revamped funding for higher education making grants, loans, and scholarships easier to obtain with a higher cash value.

The best way to benefit from the President’s offer is to fill out the Free Application for Student Aid. Here, an online application will automatically determine your eligibility for all federal financial aid programs. All it takes is a little of your time to take the first steps toward breaking out of the poverty cycle.

Obama’s Scholarship for Moms Program Helps Mothers Go Back to School – $10,000 To Help Out

Posted in Working Mothers on 8th April 2012

Obama’s Scholarship for Moms Program Helps Mothers Go Back to School – ,000 To Help Out

Article by Lindsy Emery

Working mother’s have so much on their plate to deal with. Hearing many times how they should go back to school. As a working mother, you probably think to yourself how crazy that sounds. Mothers do so much already, work and take care of your child(rent) and now you are suppose to go to school. The fact of the matter is, going back to school is achievable and you do not have to be burned out by doing so.

Nevertheless, if the lack of money is preventing you from going back to school to earn your degree, you need to consider the federal Scholarships for Moms Program. This program provides mother’s up to $ 10,000 a year to help them with their education. Mother’s will be able to use this money to help pay for tuition, book fees, and any other costs there are for obtaining a degree.

However, if you already have an education and you are looking into furthering it, this is an option for you. You may want to make a complete change in your career; this Scholarship for Moms Program can help you. Or if you do not have a degree at all, you may want to consider taking advantage of this program.

Being able to get your classes over the internet provides you easy access to achieve this goal. There are jobs available waiting to be filled by the right person and that person could be you! Find a position that is high in demand and go obtain a degree in that field.

The more education people have the less poverty and President Obama’s scholarship for moms program helps mothers go back to school to help fight against poverty. Those with a college degree will obtain higher paying jobs and when it is your annual review time, having a college degree looks better to an employer so the odds are in your favor. Those without degrees have to work harder and their chances are still low.

The time is now to go back to school. President Obama’s scholarship for moms program helps mothers go back to school so you do not have to worry about paying all on your own. You should look into getting help going back to school from the scholarship for moms program. This will provide you with endless opportunities for you and your future.

Scholarships For Working Mothers – Free Financial Aid For Moms

Posted in Working Mothers on 14th August 2011

Scholarships For Working Mothers – Free Financial Aid For Moms

There are some women today that have entered into motherhood at a younger age then they expected. Most of these mothers didn’t have a chance finish school and would like to get back to school and get their degree so they can have a better future.

There are also some of these mothers that start working at a low paying job so that they can support their children and themselves. This not only makes it difficult to save up enough money to pay for your college education, but if you do start classes the amount of time you can dedicate to your studies with be very limited because the rest of your time will be split between your children, your job and everything else. This is where scholarship for working mothers comes into the picture.

Obama’s administration developed a lot of programs concerning scholarship for working mothers. These programs are grants and scholarships given to mothers that want to get back to school but don’t have enough financial backup. The good thing about this is that the money they provide you with is free and never needs to be paid back. It is not only government grants, scholarships or programs that help out mothers to get back to school.

All of these scholarship programs help women who are struggling financially and wish to return to college. That means that if you are not a mother you can still apply for these scholarships.

Besides the government programs there are also independent scholarship programs available for women and mothers. These programs can give out up to ,000 for scholarships for working mothers and this money they give out is for free.

Applying to these scholarship programs is really easy. Just remember the amount they award could differ from one to another but the aim of helping out working women and mothers is their one and only mission. Also, these scholarships may also differ in rules and regulation or application requirements but other than that most of them are very similar to each other.

Once you have done this and all of your other information has been accepted it should not take much time before the money will be given to you to pay for your tuition fees and miscellaneous fees and you can start your college education with scholarships for working mothers.