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Is it okay for my 9 month old lil Gerber eat ‘meals?

Posted in Toddlers on 3rd November 2010

question of Cherish : Is it okay for my 9 month old Gerber Lil ‘Meals eat ?
She is a self-feeder, uses a sippy and everything. It is precisely the refusal of the baby purees, and my husband brought home some of these things. I think they are okay, they say only “for small children,” so I asked myself. It is ravioli and Mac and Käse.Okay, thank you guys. I am her first child, and I have no family around to ask these questions:) Best Answer:

reply by Noah’s Mommy & Ava because of 9 / 11
It is good, yes, but you do not have the money to spend. If she is into self-feeding only chop / cut, what you eat. No need for “special” finger food for them! buy

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