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Anyone know of and have used,Cruises that offer childcare for toddlers?

Posted in Babysitting on 7th June 2014

Anyone know of and have used,Cruises that offer childcare for toddlers?
Were looking to book a cruise and we have 5 kids. We want to take the 3 older girls on excursions but think its to much for two toddlers ages 1 and 2 to do daily.Anyone used and reccomend any cruiselines that offer a “baby camp” or childcare? Thanks!

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Answer by Joni
I don’t know about the others, but Carnival only allows you to leave the children at Camp Carnival on At Sea days.

Answer by Anja H
Most cruise lines look after kids from the age of 3 and older and fully potty-trained.

Answer by Twan2625
my family and I use this site customize before you buy..I tried a lot of sites and this is the best….

Answer by J<3R
Disney cruise line has the best childcare. My kids loved it and begged me to take them there 24/7. You can even see what it looks like on the disney cruise website. It is an AWESOME center!

Answer by seacat
All cruise lines now offer youth activities and “babysitting” in the youth center. However, Disney is the only line that will take children as young as yours. NCL accepts 2 year olds (and they don’t have to be potty trained), the other major lines only take them from 3 years. I don’t know much about Disney, but NCL accepts children in the youth center while parents go ashore, not just on sea days. Most of the major cruise lines do offer this service for a fee.

Travel agents in particular will tell you any cruise line will accept your children, when the reality is quite different. The worst thing is getting onboard and finding that in fact you can’t leave your children in the youth center when you were told you could! Look into Disney due to the ages, but have you thought about leaving the toddlers at home with a family member or friends? Then you know you won’t have any issues! Good luck.

Answer by Jeanette
Disney Cruise for sure. It’s the only one that would take infants and toddlers and have late night hours also. Their nursery is very cute and the staff was great. Just got back on 9/9 from a cruise. There is a fee ($ 6 for 1 child per hour + $ 5 for any addtl children) They keep them busy and even have the characters come and visit them while in the nursery.

Do you know any good movies ?

Posted in Babysitting on 6th June 2014

Do you know any good movies ?
For children ?

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Answer by Ida A
‘My fair Lady’

It has everything!

Answer by LittleMissSunshine♥
Right now?
Spider Man 3

Answer by val
this is kinda old but is really good… “life is beautiful”.

Answer by SnowBall
The best movie for children is “The Wizard of Oz”.
And there’s a wonderful kids movie called “Adventures in Babysitting”

A best romantic movie is “Titanic”

The funniest movie for me would be “Coming to America” or
“Trading Places”

Answer by northcarrlight
Princess Bride
Il Postino (english subtitles but worth it)

what do i need to know b4 going into a child custody hearing?

Posted in Child Support on 3rd April 2014

what do i need to know b4 going into a child custody hearing?
any help will be greatly appresciated.
its last minute

its on monday help!!!!

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Answer by Rebekah K
If it is an initial determination, they will compare the home environments of both patents and try to make the best call they can for the kids. With young kids, most judges have a bias in favor of mothers. With older kids, the kid’s wishes are often taken into account.

If it is a change of custody, the side asking for the change will have to prove a change in circumstances. If it is an emergency hearing they will have to prove that the child is in imminent danger.

A list of some things courts will consider dangerous to a child that you might not have thought of:
Living with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or having them sleep over when the kids are home.
Any amount of drug use in the home no matter how minor.
A home that is always a mess.
More kids than bedrooms for them, especially if boys and girls are in the same room.

Answer by wazzupp3
1)prove you can support the kid/kids without the other parents help. You’ll look very weak if you mention the words “child support” “alimony” or “help”
2)Show the judge respect, but don’t suck-up.
3)Leave the children at home. Judges consider children at custody cases very inappropriate.
4)Being nervous is OK, but “balling” in front of the court shows lack of self-control over emotions
5)Do not talk to the judge/court unless spoken to
6)Show no signs of weakness by arguing with the other parent in the courtroom
7)Go to the bathroom before the proceedings 🙂
Good Luck!!