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can a judge rule that a parent doesn’t have to pay child support?

Posted in Child Support on 19th September 2012

can a judge rule that a parent doesn’t have to pay child support?
My child’s father and I went to court and we both was in the wrong. I had denied visitation for several years because my child didn’t want to go. He was behind in child support $ 24,000. The Judge was furious with me. In front of my child, the Judge asked the father, “Do you want to try to continue with visitation or not pay child support?” The father chose not to pay child support. So the Judge wiped his slate clean and order him not to pay and order me a suspended jail sentence.(which has affected my financial ability to support my daughter because I work for a school that requires background checks and was denied a teaching certificate because of this?) Is this legal? Should I appeal or just leave well enough alone. My daughter is now 17 and will be going to college. She also has sustanial medical bills because she is a type 1 diabetic? I know I was wrong. Is it even worth fighting for. By the way I apologized to the father. My daughter and her father have no relationship at all.

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Answer by jude
i guess if your a judge you have all the power in the world to make any decision you want. had you been a welfare witch the judge would not have rendered this order. i would get a free consult with an attorney and see what my options were. how sad that this was allowed.

Answer by just_my_opinion
Well, I disagree with the first person who responded–I don’t think it was at all sad that this was allowed. No matter if you regret it and/or you apologize for it, you can never undo the damage that was done–your child and her father do not have a relationship (and likely will never have a relationship) because of you. You were incredibly selfish and you should have gone to jail. (by the way, the fact that she “didn’t want to go” is irrelevant–it was your responsibility to encourage her to go/even make her go. You don’t let children make decisions like this, because they’re not mature enough to do that).

Can you go back to court and fight this? No clue. If you have money to go back, you can try, but if you do, I hope the verdict is the same the second time around. It’s about time that women like you have to pay the consequences for their actions

And when your daughter asks why she has no money (or very little money) for college you need to explain to her that it’s entirely your fault.

Answer by opinionated
that is why he is the judge,his ruling,so i would say yes he can

even thou i never heard of this before doesn’t mean he can’t

Answer by freakboynv lives
aw poor baby. you tried to use the kid as a weapon and the judge kicked yourass. you got what you deserved and there is no hope of it being reversed.

Answer by mmm
WOW – never heard of this before but its about time something happens to the women who prevent a relationship with their child and with the other parent – it could have been worse – he could have given custody to the father and you could have paid him child support . . . no he did what he thought was best in this situation – the father had NO ties to the child and it was BEYOND the father’s fault –

your daughter is now 17 and I think you need to live with your mistakes and learn from them

my parents divorced when I was 3 = I get it

Answer by Y! Groups Dads House Ed. Center
Sounds like the judge decided you intended to continue to interfere with the father’s access rights, so he moved that he no longer had parental rights, and responsibility for the child. Now you can go on to raise the child to be a contributor to 90% of crime.

Answer by Jamie
YES…finally a woman pays the price for denying visitation!!!

When will Judge Walther stop disregarding basic human rights, Texas law, and the rulings of superior courts?

Posted in Child Care on 3rd July 2012

When will Judge Walther stop disregarding basic human rights, Texas law, and the rulings of superior courts?
The latest development is that she’s disregarding the restrctions the Texas Supreme Court said she could put in place, in favor of a ruling virtually identical to her original, reversed decision. She has no respect for any parental rights (breastfeeding? Hah. Religion? You must be kidding). She established unheard of standards to remove over 400 children from their homes with only one evidencial hearing, and cooperated with CPS to make sure children in its “care” had no freedom whatsoever to practice their own religion (even the Book of Mormon was seized. All prayer mettings had to be supervised – judge Walther even suggested supervision by a “member of the mainstream Mormon church”).

So when will this woman give up her fascist ways and let justice once again have some place in our legal system?

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Answer by bgee2001ca
When the higher court threatens contempt charges, and throws her sorry butt in jail.

why do ppl judge?

Posted in Babysitting on 18th April 2011

why do ppl judge?
i am a young mother i have a 3yr old of my own and my fiance has 3 children of his own (1 and set of twins) now i am pregnant with my second child y do ppl look with disgust when we go out together or they will even tell me”i hope u r babysitting” or “are those all yours” what does it matter if they were all mine as long as the kids are fed clothed and taken care of properly it shouldnt matter right?
all the children are ages 6 and under

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Answer by Lina B
People always judge and it’s wrong. People always stare because I have a 4, 2 and a 1 yr old and we’re quite a circus when we go out. But it’s no one’s business.

Answer by momof4

my only explanation is that it’s so much more fun to bash other people than to attend to one’s own problems.

edit — i just have to add that i did once ask someone if the kids were all hers … she had about 9 or 10 kids, and i wasn’t criticizing; i was honestly in awe about how well-behaved and nice all the kids were and how calm she looked. so don’t assume it’s always an insult.

Answer by Jess;;
i’m waaay younger than you…but i’ll try and give you some advice..
the reason i think people judge is because they themself, like to get judged.
i hope that makes since.
i mean people like the attention.
they think it’s cool to step on someone else to make them feel taller.

but what YOU have to do is kill them with kindness.
then they can’t hate you.

i hope i helped?

Answer by SweetPeaMcZ
People are cruel! I come from a long line of big family’s and I love every single one of them! There’s always some to talk to if you need. Someones always got your back! Congrats on your Baby!! Your blessed to have so much unconditional love!! 🙂

Answer by Johnny’s Mommy
People stick their noses in where they don’t belong.

I wish people could just mind their own business and not judge.

Answer by CAT, the TYPO QUEEN
I hate that,too. I have 4 daughters..I always get..”Gonna try for a boy now?” WHY don’t they just ask, “Gonna have SEX again?”..SO RUDE! Just smile and walk away….they don’t need your personal input. It’s none of their business at all. God Bless..and CONGRATS on the new baby!! 🙂

Answer by Brittany
Because people feel that they always have to judge when it comes to parenting. I sum it up as your kids, your choice.
If they are all being fed, clothed, and loved on, there is nothing wrong with it! Some people just need to mind their own business. Don’t let it get to you!

Answer by reed
People will always judge, because it makes them feel better about their own problems. It’s a sign of insecurity and jealousy, and most the time is unneccessary. I get judgemental looks and comments all the time when I go out. I’m twenty, looking after my three-year-old son alone. People always look at me like I’m a disgrace, I get comments on my age and situation I’m in. My girlfriend got pregnant at 16 and I was too young and stupid to sort myself out, she left us two weeks after birth. You can imagine how people react once they find out my story. The reason I don’t let people get to me by judging me is simple; I pride myself on the fact that I’m a good father to my son, despite my age and situation. Even though I was young and messed up at the time, I wouldn’t change a thing about what happened because I love Nathan dearly. The people judging you know nothing about you, they just see you and jump to conclusions. So what if you did have a big family? It would just show you’re strong enough as a person and a mother to cope with that, and I think the fact that you are with a man with three children of his own – and looking after your own child, shows just that. Be proud of the fact that you were able to adapt to your fiance and his own family, it shows how much of a good person you are. The majority of the people judging you would not cope with your situation. You sound like a lovely mother, and your fiance and his children are incredibly lucky that you are strong enough to look after not only your own child but someone else’s. For that, you do have my respect.

Answer by ladyscientist28
everyone judges others regarding something.

Some of the very women who are condemning judging others on THIS question have given some very judgmental answers to abortion questions.