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**How will my baby’s father pay child support under these circumstances? and a couple more questions**?

Posted in Child Support on 6th August 2012

**How will my baby’s father pay child support under these circumstances? and a couple more questions**?
I’m pregnant and still friends with the father of my child. We have decided that we’ll try to stay together for our baby, but more importantly, together or not, he will be there to help raise the child, will keep him and watch him, etc. He will have his name on the child’s birth certificate. However, he is jobless, uninsured, and has no other source of income. He’s trying to find a job and has been for a few months, but has had a difficult time of it because he does have a past with a criminal record. He’s in court right now for a felony he *did not* commit (I am a witness), and to be short, that’s not making finding employment any easier. He’s 21 and got his GED last year. I’m 18. I have three jobs, and we’re both in junior college. I have state health insurance (in Mississippi), and my baby will qualify for CHIPS when he/she is born.

If my child’s father signs his AOP and the birth certificate, apparently if he doesn’t make a payment the government can give him a court order for child support. I’m afraid he may not get a job, even though he IS trying, and wants to get one as soon as possible to start saving money and have some ready when he starts to pay me CS.

**My main question is, HOW can he PAY this child support if he doesn’t have the means neccesary, if for some reason he still can’t find employment? Another important question, and it’s kind of embarassing for me, is How exactly would child support “work” in our situation? Where can I find resources on this, or agencies that could possibly help us?**

The baby will be here in just a few short months, and maybe I’m worrying a little too much. He probably WILL find a job soon. But any advice would be greatly appreciated and would really help me out. I’m so sorry for the long post! Thanks in advance.

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Call MS child support and ask your questions. In my state, if someone isn’t working, they may not be ordered to pay (child support is based on one’s ability to pay). If you two are living together, forget it. That’s not what child support is for.

If you two aren’t together, just contact your local child support office. Every state has different laws.

In the future, use your better judgment and don’t get involved with men who have criminal records.