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how was your first week at home with baby #1, what were the main problems you had?

Posted in Babysitting on 31st March 2014

how was your first week at home with baby #1, what were the main problems you had?
about to have my first and was wondering what to expect when i bring baby home?

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Answer by mrsb
my main problems were getting up at night, not really a problem just hard to adjust to because there is nothing like getting good sleep lol

Answer by Free 2 B Me
Not sleeping when he slept leaving me more tired.

Answer by •:*:•Ky♥Mom•:*:•
I have to agree with the first poster… getting up at night is the hardest… while the first few nights are pretty easy it only goes down hill from there… by the time my son was about 3 months old I think I could get up, walk to the kitchen, make a bottle and feed my son without even waking up (okay maybe I woke up, but I really got used to it!)
Also it’s just pretty nerve racking altogether! It’s a pretty big thing to get used to, but mothers usually catch on pretty quickly.
Sleep when you baby sleeps, and remember it’s okay to let your house be messy… I tried to hard when I brought my baby home, and rarely got to enjoy just having him there, so mainly just enjoy it, and get as much sleep as you can, sleep deprivation can do a number on you!
Good luck!

Answer by “EL GUAPO”
you are not going to get a good night’s sleep for about the first six weeks or so, so rest up now! First week is a lot of feeding, changing diapers and listening to crying. This will be all day every day, no breaks! Unless you have help and are planning to formula feed. In that case you might be able to nap more that I did!

Answer by momsey
Expect an insane lack of sleep. You’ll never believe how much that baby is up in the night, and might only be able to sleep when you are holding him or her. Just try to take it easy, listen to everyone’s advice when they tell you to sleep when the baby is sleeping. And just know that it will get better!

Answer by Practical & Magical
oh wow, actually my 1st week home, we stayed with my mom (me daddy and baby) and like after day 2, daddy and I slept though an entire day! My mom got up with the baby. Pretty bad, but seriously didn’t hear her! But after that, if she wiggles her toes i hear her!

Answer by krob8008
You’ll be really tired and possibly a little emotional. Man, thinking back on my first baby, the time we spent together right after we came home from the hospital was just so special! I really enjoyed it! I was young and tired and basically single (not really) but I was doing it all on my own. My first baby boy just holds this really special place in my heart. You’ll melt every time you look at your baby! Congrats!

Answer by Melissa S
My main problems were trying to nurse, figuring out a pumping routine, and coping with feelings of jealousy i had toward my husband. He did a lot of the post-birth care for our baby because I had a c-section and couldn’t do much lifting, walking, etc. I felt insanely jealous/threatened that he was changing the diapers and picking her up from the bassinet in the middle of the night. That subsided during week two. Being a mom brings out your protective side!

Answer by SS.622
Okay, well it was HELL for one told me babies eat every 2 hours night and when I was getting woken up all night long..I was wanting to rip my hair out and run away.
But she didnt just wake up..once she got up at say 1 am..she was up until like 5 in the morning..crying.
So just be prepared to not geting ANY sleep..and be prepared to hear lots of crying.

Most babies get their days and nights mixed up..and it normally stays like that for atleast a couple of weeks..for my daughter it took her nearly 10 weeks to figure out night time was for sleeping.

lol..thanks for the thumbs down losers.

Answer by imglowinq
it is my first baby..and i only live with my husband who knew even less than i did… i didnt even want to sleep because i was afraid the baby couldnt breathe or something since i never had been in charge of a newborn before…i didnt even have time to eat, i ended up loosing 40 pounds in a month, unbelievable but true

Everyone who lives in a group home, please help?

Posted in Working Mothers on 17th December 2013

Everyone who lives in a group home, please help?
I’m going to live in a group home soon, and I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me how it is or what to expect in a place, you are sharing your experience, since I have an idea of ​​what I do there Best Answer (s):.

ahnikarose answer
A very good friend of mine lived in a Wohngruppe.Sie says, basically what everyone else was doing, was doing in stocks all the Hausarbeit.Das is holding the house and the rooms clean, the laundry, cooking, simply alles.Einige group homes, what they call a “house mother”. It somehow makes sure everyone has a schedule and in turn holds auf.Einmal in a while she parties, etc. habenEs is a little more to it than that, but as long as everyone works and rarely get along with each other there are any problems . Good luck. Hope things out for you.>

Why is it important to have a sustainable house design and what features a home needs to make it sustainable?

Posted in Child Support on 24th November 2013

Why it is important to design a sustainable house and what features a home needs to make it sustainable?
Best Answer (s):

Answer by Helmut
definitions of sustainability on the web: extend: extend or expand in duration or space: “We suffered the diplomatic negotiations as long as possible”; “extend the treatment … suffer: to undergo (as of injuries and illnesses), “She suffered a fracture in the accident”, “He had an insulin shock after eating three candy bars”, “She has a bruise on his leg “” He has his arm broken in the scuffle “nourish: provide food:” We are continuing on bread and water “,” This kind of food is not nourishing for young children “supply with necessities and support;” She alone sustained her family “,” The money is to get our good cause “;” There’s little to earn and many to “hold: that the physical support, take the weight,” The beam holds the roof “;” He supported me with a hand while I balanced on the beam “,” What holds the mirror “to admit as valid;” The court sustained the motion? “Confirm: establish or strengthen as new evidence or facts,” his story confirmed my doubts “” The evidence of the defendant “sustain and sustainable are words that so now it add a lot of semantic Abuse necessary modifiers to determine which” you used the brand “sustainability mean subjected haben.Gestaltung sustainable house of meaning, a house to design that would not disintegrate immediately and could easily be repaired with materials at hand.