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need help writing a resume?

Posted in Babysitting on 10th June 2014

need help writing a resume?
i have never written one. So please can anyone help me?
I have little work experience such as tutoring and babysitting.
I am trying to get a job as a customer service agent in an air port.
should i write a summary or an objective?
And how should i write it?
also i went to college and dropped out so should i write that on my resume or not?

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Answer by emiyly watson
hey see
for this.
you’ll see the links specificly about this on the left and the right side so you dont have to go and search everywhere
searched and visited personally.

Answer by 55mac24
Never include you dropped out. Also say strength like I’m good working with people ,I’m a team player, I enjoy so and so etc. you want to include phone number name e-mail and address. Include master’s degree bachelors degree anything that makes you feel good about your self. Don’t lie on your resume if they find out they will most definitely not give you the job. Also try getting a good report from a teacher.

Answer by todd_b_52
Sounds like your resume is already filling up. Yes, include tutoring and babysitting as past jobs and do mention college. There are several good websites out there that have great formats and tips. Also, to make yourself stand out, include a cover letter. You don’t have to actually mail this, but find the hiring official’s email and email it as a .pdf file so it looks more professional. Be sure to have some family/friends review it for some extra feedback. Check out this sites:

Answer by Rocconisse
Generally, resumes go like this:
Centered at the top:

Your name
Phone number
email address

“Summary of Qualifications”
Yes, do write a short paragraph that basically sells you as a great person and employee. You want to briefly summarize your good qualities, experience and education. Aim it towards the job you’re applying for; for this one you’ll want to list qualities and experiences that would make you a great customer service agent in an airport, like knowledge of travel and computer systems, patience under pressure, flexibility in scheduling, willingness to work odd hours, etc. Since you don’t have many “concrete” qualifications, this really needs to be well-written!

“Work Experience”

Use bullet points or a short paragraph to give the places you worked, the starting and end dates and your dutes. Example: “Double Dip Deli, waitress/cashier/cook Aug. ’09 – Jan. ’10” Sometimes if a job was really puny, you shouldn’t list it, as it’s better to look like you’ve not worked due to school or whatever versus worked pathetic jobs or worked a really short time at them. Use “nanny” instead of “babysitting” if you have to list SOMETHING.


Use bullet points or a short paragraph to list your school qualifications. Mention any classes or certifications that relate directly to your job. Put down your high school first, if you’ve not got much else in the way of qualifications. Yes, you should mention you’ve taken some college classes; you can put “attended UW ____” and the dates. You don’t have to mention you dropped out; the end dates of your college time will indicate that for you. And never say it in an interview; you haven’t “dropped out,” you are reorganizing your priorities, taking time off, switched your focus, decided you’d rather be challenged through work, etc b.s. phrases. Dropped out = bad.

“Volunteer Work, Activities & Interests”

Same deal, different topic. If you aren’t volunteering now, DO IT! You’re not working anyway, so you have time, and it really adds value to a weak resume. Try the local library, animal shelter, food pantry, school, senior center, etc. Tip: they want volunteers who will commit to a few hours a week for several months; showing up once randomly is more a nuisance than a help.


This is a list of people who are willing to be contacted by your possible employers. They’re also willing to talk about how professional, caring, hard-working, etc you are. These should NOT be family members. Teachers, possibly your priest, previous employers, volunteer organization coordinators, mentors and professional contacts make good references. Make sure you have their permission before listing them!! Give their full name, phone number and a brief description of their role in your life (i.e. “Previous manager and mentor”)

You’re done! Print on good quality paper, NEVER have typos, grammar errors or uncapitalized pronouns and submit it everywhere you can think of attached to the job’s application.

Answer by T
If you you have little or no resume-writing experience, and if you’re competing with other applicants, you should consider getting your resume done by a resume writing service. There are quite a few. Best (and cheapest) one I know is

Child Support. Not great ex husband being a jerk. Please help?

Posted in Child Support on 29th March 2014

Child Support. Not great ex husband being a jerk. Please help?
My daughter is 3 years old. My ex and I have been divorced since she was 1. He has only paid child support once and we live in the same town. He never calls to see but is constantly telling people that I never let him see her and I a heroin addict and alot of other stupid shit. So I told him my daughter isn’t going over to his mom’s house (where he lives) until he pays because it’s not fair he gets free time and I have to work overtime and still barely get to see her. He just got a job 2 months ago in the last year. I also told him if he wants to see her he can come over to my house and see her because I don’t want her over at his mom’s house (his dad is creepy and my daughter comes back saying weird things so it’s not just because he’s a jerk) until he starts paying child support. He’s making a big deal about everything and I want to know if I should take him to court? I already told him if hes worried about my spending it on myself if he could just go buy some winter clothes that would be enough, but he hung up on me. Is there another way other then court to solve this? Please any advice would be greatly appropriated.

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Answer by R K
if you can sign up for welfare, the county where you live will go after your ex to get all the back child support to keep you off welfare.

Answer by lady
When you were divorced did he get court order child support payments and visitation rights? You need to make sure that you are in compliance with whatever the court ordered. If he was ordered to pay support, and has not,then he is in contempt of court and you can take him to court.. He could get jail time, garnished wages etc.Make sure you document EVERYTHING. Every phone time what was said etc. Any time he spends with your daughter….date, length of time.
Going to court and getting things put down in writing is the only way to protect yourself and your daughter.
Good Luck!

Answer by goodnused
I think you may check with you local child welfare departments for advise. Surely most county court houses have people available to assist you in getting money for child support. If it has to go to court, they may assist also. The DEAD BEAT days are over, but please don’t use his parents or him as the reason you daughter can see them. Unless you have 100% proof that they are in some way a violation of the child’s best interest. Good Luck.

Answer by Taurean
You wrote “I don’t want her over at his mom’s house (his dad is creepy and my daughter comes back saying weird things so it’s not just because he’s a jerk) until he starts paying child support”

Would you send your daughter to his CREEPY dad if he starts paying child support?

Answer by June
You need to get in touch with the child support agency.
If your x doesn’t work then he cant pay child support if he does work then they will work out how much he earns and take a percentage from his wages.
If i was you i would not bother with him as he seems like a person that your child could do without in growing years.
Sometimes fighting someone for what ever reason is not worth it.
Try to look after your child your self and let the child suport agency do the chasing.
You may get some money in a year most likely not much as he will be one of those people that know how to play the system.
good luck.

Please help!! How much weight should my 1 year old gain each month?

Posted in Toddlers on 27th March 2014

Please help!! How much weight should my 1 year old gain each month?
My daughter is very picky. I try all kinds of things but she won’t eat much. This has just started like 1 1/2 months ago. I am getting worried becuase she hasn’t put on any weight. She weighs the same as she did then. she weighs 20.6 pounds. and she is verry tall. She has been fussing alot lately, I think she may be getting her molars in. Any advice? She will eat somthing one day and thenn not the next.

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Answer by iamjustcurious
If your daughter was a full term, average weight baby at birth, then she is right on track. At twelve months, she might be getting her eye and stomach teeth, but not her molars until she is about two. The eye and stomach teeth [the pointy ones on the top and bottom, either side of the top and bottom 4 teeth], can cause her to go off her food a little. Don’t worry, just keep up her fluids and offer her a variety of food at meal times and she will be fine.

Answer by kitty81301
Don’t worry about her, if you give her the food and she doesn’t want to eat it then she is not going to. Most children will not starve themselves. Some kids don’t gain weight every month my son has been the same weight for the past couple months. If it is her teeth then give a small dose of Tylenol and if its still bothering you take her to her pediatrician. Just relax a little because children do feed off your anxiety

Answer by western b
She sounds like she is doing all the “normal toddler” things 🙂 When my son hit his first birthday, he went from being a human garbage disposal, to eating like a bird! His pediatrician told me I should expect him to gain 4 pounds between his first and second birthday…so just over 5oz a month…hardly anything compared to the first year! He also told me to expect a toddler to eat either one large meal a day or to have one whole day of good eating every three days 🙂 Just keep offering nutritious snacks and meals throughout the day and she will eat when she is hungry!!

As far as the molars are concerned…my son cut his first set of molars at 14 months (all four of them at once!) I found he actually enjoyed toasted bagels the most when he was teething because chewing the bread was like a massage for his gums 🙂 I would just toast one with some cheese on top to sneak in a bit of protein and he gobbled it up 🙂