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The right way to Educate Good Manners and Politeness to Your Little one

Posted in Babysitting on 2nd February 2018

At Rainbow Little one Care Middle we imagine that being well mannered is not only a ability you educate, however is a lifestyle. That’s why for the month of October we deal with politeness and good manners in all our faculties. By instructing youngsters to be well mannered early in life, good manners will come extra naturally to them when they’re older.

The very first thing to find out about instructing good manners is that you’re serving to your baby construct new habits. And like every behavior, they gained’t seem in a single day. There will likely be setbacks alongside the best way, however don’t get discouraged. The hot button is repetition and follow.

In case you don’t know the place to start out, here’s a few particular items of etiquette you possibly can work on together with your baby, regardless of how outdated they’re.

Good manners to show to toddlers:

With toddlers, it’s essential to show them what is taken into account good habits and what’s not. Round 18 months, youngsters start to turn into conscious of different individuals round them and the way they behave. Subsequently, setting good examples to your toddler is extraordinarily essential.

Greetings and farewells

Even when your baby can’t converse, you possibly can nonetheless encourage him to get into the behavior of waving hi there and goodbye to individuals.

Staying seated whereas consuming

Every time your baby needs one thing to eat, get him to take a seat down and eat his meals in his chair. If he tries to stand up whereas he’s nonetheless consuming, it’s best to remind him he can solely stand up as soon as he is completed. If he generally throws his meals whereas he’s consuming, clarify to him that his meals will likely be taken away the subsequent time he throws it.

Saying please and thanks

A good way to introduce these phrases to your baby is by studying her Richard Scarry’s Please and Thank You Ebook. Whereas your toddler may not absolutely perceive the importance of those phrases, you possibly can nonetheless assist her start to construct this behavior now. One other enjoyable method of instructing your baby these phrases is thru child signal language. To signal, please, take your hand, palm dealing with inwards, and rub it in a circle in your chest. To signal thanks, contact your fingers to your chin and produce your fingers ahead, virtually as in the event you had been blowing a kiss.

Good manners to show to preschoolers:

That is the optimum time to be instilling good manners into your baby. In case you introduce manners as studying “massive child” abilities, your toddler will likely be more than pleased to study them.

Fundamental desk manners

We perceive that growing correct desk manners takes time and numerous reminders. However by the point your baby is preschool age, he’s sufficiently old to learn to eat with a utensil, use a serviette, and preserve his mouth closed when he chews. Taking part in tea social gathering or having a picnic are nice methods to show these abilities and make studying enjoyable. This desk recreation “taboo” can be an effective way to your total household to follow their good manners on the desk.

Studying new, well mannered vocabulary

By this age, you can begin to deal with barely extra complicated, well mannered phrases corresponding to “please could I’ve” and “excuse me.” Ensure you take the time to clarify how these phrases are used. Anytime your baby tries to seize one thing with out asking, or push somebody out of the best way, cease him and clarify what he did mistaken. Might I Have a Cookie? And Oops, Sorry! are two nice sources you should utilize to revisit these phrases and ideas.

Good manners to show to kindergartners:

Attempt to make the most of the truth that at this age, kindergarteners like to indicate off their good manners. Nevertheless, they nonetheless want encouragement and reminders particularly after a protracted day at college. To assist your younger baby (and older youngsters) keep in mind grownup pleasing habits, attempt studying Carrie Finn’s Manners books with them. She has a number of books on manners that may assist your baby study the appropriate solution to act in any setting.

Making eye contact

By the point your baby is in kindergarten, adults will anticipate him to make eye contact with them when they’re speaking. To assist your teen follow this ability, you can also make it right into a recreation that when he talks to somebody, he has to establish that particular person’s eye shade.

Not interrupting

By now your baby ought to have the flexibility to attend for his or her flip to speak. When she does interrupt you, remind her that you’re speaking and that she should wait until it’s an emergency. If want be, position play conditions together with your baby the place she may want to attend her flip. Nevertheless, no matter how lengthy she should wait, just remember to acknowledge her good habits by nodding or smiling at her.

Not mumbling

This generally is a exhausting behavior to interrupt, even for adults, so attempt to nip it within the bud early. When your baby begins to mumble, it’s best to inform her which you could’t perceive what she is saying and ask her politely repeat her sentence.

Whereas instructing your younger one to be well mannered and have good manners could appear daunting and even irritating at occasions, keep in mind, studying good habits begins with you, the father or mother. What ideas or methods have you ever used to show your baby grownup pleasing manners? Tell us on our Fb web page!

Why might a guy repeatedly stand up a woman he says is “too good” for him?

Posted in Working Mothers on 12th June 2014

Why might a guy repeatedly stand up a woman he says is “too good” for him?
He met me a few weeks ago and asked me out. We had one low key date a week later. Just a bit of kissing and a movie. Had a lovely time. I have a medical job, own flat, but he paid for everything despite being 10 years younger. He was VERY keen to see me again, but never confirmed what time we were meeting that Saturday, and he didnt reply to my messages, so, I let it go, after a few days of waiting, and sending him some messages.

A week later his friend called to say he had been arrested. He himself contacted me 2 weeks ago and we me up briefly for a chat. He pledged not to mess me around again.

That was the last time we met as he stood me up again last night. I called and his phone was off. I then texted the same friend who called me last time, asking if he had seen him, and he said “please, trust me. He cant stop talking about you. I dont know whats going on”.

The guy himself then bbm’d me (free service) begging me to call him, three times, at 2am. I saw them this morning.

I called him today and lo and behold his phone was off.

He was nervous when we met as he kept asking why I would want him, as I am apparently “so sorted” and apparently could have “anyone”.

He COULD be playing a joke, but ASSUMING he isnt, what could be going on here?

Other factors are, he lives with his grandmother, but he still sees his friends a lot, as his aunt gives him respite. She is the mother of his deceased mother, so he isn’t some irresponsible punk.

Best answer(s):

Answer by Linda
In my experience, if a guy tells a woman she is ‘too good’ for him, she should listen. That is his way of telling you that you are going to get hurt. Sometimes, it means that he is cheating on you. In this case, you haven’t even gotten far enough in the relationship for him to be cheating. I’d say, he is just not in a good place to be in a relationship with you right now. Time to move on.

Answer by Bobbie
“She is the mother of his deceased mother, so he isn’t some irresponsible punk.” This remark is totally Non sequitur.

You sound rather young, so if there is a 10 year gap here, I doubt his veracity in being totally sincere with you.

Answer by Been There
The guy is bad news.
When we get involved with someone, the longer we are with them, the more problems there are and the more intense the problems become. In a relationships with a decent potential, the problems don’t start until the honeymoon period has ended.

And already you two are having problems? Already you are baffled, bothered, flustered and not at-ease? Hon, you haven’t seen ANYTHING YET. At only 2 weeks into this “relationship”, you should not be heavily emotionally invested (not unless you are just as toxic as he is).
Get out while the getting it good.

He stands you up. He gets arrested. He doesn’t like himself, puts himself down (no one can make a relationship work unless they like themselves). He might by lying to you like a sailor, for all you know. He lost his mother too young, and has mother “issues” (no surprise he’s dating you, 10 years older), and still depends on his female relatives to keep him going. He’s emotionally unstable, bbm’ing you 3 times at 2 in the morning … can’t handle his emotions at all.

Furthermore, he is obsessed with you. This is infatuation, not love. Any psychologist will tell you that the greater the chemistry/infatuation at the beginning, the more problems the relationship will have down the road. He can’t stop talking about you … trouble, in capital letters.
Infatuation dies out after 2 years, and half the time, people find that they don’t even LIKE the other person without the “high” of infatuation.

Answer by LitGirl
He’s just not that into you. When men say that you are too good for them, they’re looking for a nice way to get rid of you while still making you feel good about yourself.

Do you know any good movies ?

Posted in Babysitting on 6th June 2014

Do you know any good movies ?
For children ?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Ida A
‘My fair Lady’

It has everything!

Answer by LittleMissSunshine♥
Right now?
Spider Man 3

Answer by val
this is kinda old but is really good… “life is beautiful”.

Answer by SnowBall
The best movie for children is “The Wizard of Oz”.
And there’s a wonderful kids movie called “Adventures in Babysitting”

A best romantic movie is “Titanic”

The funniest movie for me would be “Coming to America” or
“Trading Places”

Answer by northcarrlight
Princess Bride
Il Postino (english subtitles but worth it)