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Small children never eats meal?

Posted in Toddlers on 31st October 2010

question of USMCWife <3 : Small children never eats meal
A child will eat when hungry, right? My husband and I have just 2 years old our neighbors in the evening a favor to a neighbor. He refuses to eat what his mother put aside for his dinner, and throws a tantrum for goldfish, graham crackers, Chips.Seine mother said she tried to break him of the “meal snacks” habit, but usually there because it to “feel so bad.” My husband says the same thing by her his snacks, I am cruel .. If your child refuses to eat meals, do his or her whatever she wants to just eat them .. or you want to trust that he or she will eat what is set before them when they are hungry Best Answer:

reply Yes I can!
I would eat the baby, what’s for dinner. I could replace it with another meal for him if he did not really like, but I would never substitute dishes for dinner.

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