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Do you know the story: “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father which is in heaven?”

Posted in Working Mothers on 1st November 2010

question of Cashelmara : Do you know the story: “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father which is in Heaven” ?
Every Catholic was pelted Matthew 23:09: “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father which is in heaven” (King James Version) or Protestant Fundamentalist say. “This means that you should not call priests” father ” . It’s against the Bible. “Catholics and Protestants alike on the assumption that the resistance against the title” Father “is a part of the Protestant position worked out at the beginning of the Reformation. It turns out that not long ago Protestants, their own spiritual “father” used to call – and their clergywomen For many years, the male clergy in the high-church wing of the Episcopal Church confession had jointly uses the title “Mother.” “Father.” Holmes cited authors that the title should be for newly ordained pastors ‘mother’ to use in hold parallel argumentiert.Bis the nineteenth century it was common for Protestant clergy, male or female, to titles that are now pretty much the Catholics a limited use. We use “Father” when it comes to priests and “mother” when it turns to women heads of religious Orden.Es out that the Protestants pflegte.In too much to do the same thing the first years of our country, “Father” was a term of respect for older people, including clergy. “Congregationalists, Baptists, Methodists and Reformed German Minister earlier mentioned frequently as the” father “well into the nineteenth century.” The title was also to younger ministers, “as spiritual fathers diente.John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, not only as” Mr . Wesley, “but also was known as” Father Wesley, “and the” Shakers called their matriarch “Mother” and their male leaders ‘father’. “Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science Church, was known as the” Mother Eddy. “Similarly, the founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Ellen Gould White, who was called” mother knows. “In surveying early American usage, that” if had violated biblical call clergy “Father” standards, the Christian Church and Disciples of Christ there certainly would have opposed, for these groups in an attempt not only the teaching and practice of primitive Christianity recovery emerged, but also its very nomenclature. “The names say that with” Reverend “or” doctor “for clergy was unbiblical, and that the founders used these churches,” Father “for their own clergy, and for each other. And none of the movement opponents seemed ever to use a contradiction in the use of movement, “Father” as a clerical title. She saw no apparent contradiction. “But in the middle of the nineteenth century began to disappear these uses. “In the 1920s, only Roman Catholic, Orthodox and some Episcopal clergy and nuns as” directed or ‘mother’. “Father, until the great wave of Irish immigration in the 1840s, most Catholic priests in America as” Mister “” Monsieur “or” Don “, not” father directed. ” This was the Continental usage. The title “father” was limited to monks, and only a few priests in America were Mönche.Doch the Irish had a different custom. They referred to all priests, whether religious or secular (ie, monastic or diocesan) as the “father”. Towards the end of the nineteenth century the Irish had influenced English Roman Catholicism to call any priest ‘Father’. “This bothered Protestants. As long as Catholic priests had been called “Mister”, Protestants were comfortable calling their ministers “Father.” But if the Catholics are their use, Protestants changed to its position of “priesthood” and distinguish “Papacy,” had changed their use began at 23:09 zu.Matthäus now used in a polemical sense. Protestants discovered in it a warning against the Catholic use, a warning that she had not seen, as were their own clergy, under the title “Father.” As more and more Irish Catholic priests moved to the United States began to assert Protestants that “father” is unbiblical. The literal interpretation of Matthew 23:09 was a standard weapon in the arsenal of anti-Catholicism. … As a result of this reaction, has the twentieth century, generations of American Protestants, who did not know approached by ministers “. Father Best Answer:

reply MOMMAH
were all what the world thinks COMPATIBLE … Therefore, GOD SAYS RENEW YOUR MIND … Romans 121 I beseech you therefore, brethren, and beg you in terms of [all] the mercies of God, a decisive engagement your bodies [presenting all your members and faculties] as a living sacrifice to be consecrated holy (dedicated) and pleasing to God, which is your reasonable (rational, intelligent) service and worship ist.2 not apply to this world (age) adjusted [to and fashioned to his external, superficial customs], but transforms (amended) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that ye], what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even that which is good and perfect [in his eyes for you [show] .3 For by grace (unmerited favor of God) who would warn me if I have all of you to not appreciate and think of himself more than he would [not an exaggerated opinion of his own importance] but its capacity to assess with sober judgment, each assigned to the degree of faith that God gave him.

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Q & A: Why on earth some brainless “young children”?

Posted in Toddlers on 30th October 2010

question – : Why on earth some brainless “Little Children” ?
have access to a computer and answer questions they are “Stupid?” If these kids stupid answer .. that’s really when I know that I have a good question! ! Hahahahahah Best Answer:

reply Insignifigant
well, when 8-year-olds have their cells only, of course, they jump on ya. Not that the answers are no less stupid than other people cope.

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