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Please help!! How much weight should my 1 year old gain each month?

Posted in Toddlers on 27th March 2014

Please help!! How much weight should my 1 year old gain each month?
My daughter is very picky. I try all kinds of things but she won’t eat much. This has just started like 1 1/2 months ago. I am getting worried becuase she hasn’t put on any weight. She weighs the same as she did then. she weighs 20.6 pounds. and she is verry tall. She has been fussing alot lately, I think she may be getting her molars in. Any advice? She will eat somthing one day and thenn not the next.

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Answer by iamjustcurious
If your daughter was a full term, average weight baby at birth, then she is right on track. At twelve months, she might be getting her eye and stomach teeth, but not her molars until she is about two. The eye and stomach teeth [the pointy ones on the top and bottom, either side of the top and bottom 4 teeth], can cause her to go off her food a little. Don’t worry, just keep up her fluids and offer her a variety of food at meal times and she will be fine.

Answer by kitty81301
Don’t worry about her, if you give her the food and she doesn’t want to eat it then she is not going to. Most children will not starve themselves. Some kids don’t gain weight every month my son has been the same weight for the past couple months. If it is her teeth then give a small dose of Tylenol and if its still bothering you take her to her pediatrician. Just relax a little because children do feed off your anxiety

Answer by western b
She sounds like she is doing all the “normal toddler” things 🙂 When my son hit his first birthday, he went from being a human garbage disposal, to eating like a bird! His pediatrician told me I should expect him to gain 4 pounds between his first and second birthday…so just over 5oz a month…hardly anything compared to the first year! He also told me to expect a toddler to eat either one large meal a day or to have one whole day of good eating every three days 🙂 Just keep offering nutritious snacks and meals throughout the day and she will eat when she is hungry!!

As far as the molars are concerned…my son cut his first set of molars at 14 months (all four of them at once!) I found he actually enjoyed toasted bagels the most when he was teething because chewing the bread was like a massage for his gums 🙂 I would just toast one with some cheese on top to sneak in a bit of protein and he gobbled it up 🙂

Human beings are the only creatures that care for each other?

Posted in Child Care on 21st June 2013

humans are the only beings who care for each other?
have other animals display emotion or care for siblings or parents are like people do Best Answer (s):

answer by Nolan
course, almost every animal …

Reply FlagMichael My wife’s best friend raises beef cows for milk and eating family. She says they have a very clear “child care” in which observe some of the cows and calves shelter will hold, while others graze from. Many, perhaps most, higher mammals live in family groups.

reply from Gray Bold
Sure, many animals live in family groups like lions and wolves.

Q & A: Click for each dog behaviorist! Dog does not obey orders?

Posted in Babysitting on 23rd November 2010

question of Sydney : here for each dog behaviorist! Dog does not obey orders?
My friend and I have a very well tempered Puggle “Petey” is about 1 ½ years old, is the only problem is that he is often in our bed and chewing on clothing, which he made to our laundry baskets … He is also just there to be there. The problem is that 1 – It is not when a call from us to him, often making us late for work, it makes us very frustrated and caused a lot of Argumenten.2 – He literally eats the clothes .. .3 – He gets scared and pees when we go under the bed for him, so that a chaos, hard to clean ist.Das other problem we seem to him that he does not tend to listen to my friend, when saying a command, it will not do it, or he’ll just watch him, he has no idea how to do what on, but when I “sit” him to say “lay”, etc, it makes it I almost sofort.Wie, we could not ask for a sweeter dog said he was on his lap, and around us, it works just do not listen when he goes under the bed … maybe he loves, he feels more power in this situation? He also has a way to get out of his cage, forcing our “baby” open door often leave messes all over the apartment while we are gone, what we could do about it? The cage is a good brand, and very strong, his metal as he “digs” at the lock until it slides out of place and then he just pushes it with his nose, the same to open the baby gate, only scratches on the door pops open to it … I can not explain, we have problems opening it, there is a button press you and then you have to press the top or the door to solve at the same time for the lock … he forces them only the truth I suppose we could just an.Offensichtlich closed the door of the bedroom, but the point is that I try, is that our dog should listen to us independent, and if he is called, for he should come to us! (We tried calling him in almost every note was trying to persuade him with treats / toys … he does not come easy.) Any tips are greatly appreciated, we could do something differently? Is there training for better performance in your opinion would be for a good fit for us? (We treat him very well, but not destroy him, he has two chew toys he loves … we just do not understand why he does this?) Please help us lol, Sydney, I see that some people think that the dog is allowed in the house all the time, but he is in his cage every time we leave the house, even, as I said, I it very good mood, and he is spoiled not honest … He sleeps in his cage, he has 2 toys and you are always bringing in his cage before we left it in her, why he do not like to just stay in it. These answers are great, we thank you really appreciate all the input, keep it coming too, we punish our dogs for bad behavior Best Answer:.

response from Mrs. Manners
Block off the area under the bed so he cannot get it darunter.Wenn not among them, I would just get a broom and push it on the other side. Put your laundry, where he did not reach kann.Setzen an additional clip on the door to the box, so even if he gets the lock open, he cannot öffnen.Er sounds like a scared dog. You could probably help, the fear of the exercise him more, and him to do things in his crate (such as a kong with peanut butter in it.)

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