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“TV commercial feed the children why they are still dying is sent after money?

Posted in Child Support on 10th September 2013

“tv commercial feed the children, why are they still die is sent after money?
I’ve seen ads on TV “Feed the Children” for years and I wonder after all the money that us big-hearted people in this foundation for so many years, why so many children die of hunger and disease. why havent humanity helped these children. Therefore, they may slip breez like a forgotten summers in the night. these children are out futhure. We can put a man on the moon but can not feed our children here on earth. NOT MUCH IN HUNANITY is that it? would you let your child die of hunger?? its a slow and painful death for a child in this long process surcome is not really a sin, and in their self-perception. Hope it’s out there, “someone has an answer Best Answer (s):.

Reply Pirate_Wench
should stop advertising, and use the money that will be used to make the advertising was to put these women on birth control. If the people who make the commercials were really cared, they would also help them.

Reply GreatNeck it
some healthy looking children.

because there are other children born everyday and PLUS, they do not have enough money and food for them, IF all join in and it is illegal, so they come MOVE TO AMERICA SO OF COURSE YOU OVER HERE Cant to more things I feel so sorry for them!!

answer by Olivia
Sorry to say, but some of this money that supposedly “goes to the children” really going on in government funding. Sick, huh? Most of the money, but is sent with the children in poor countries. I agree, we should focus our energy and money on the problems on earth before you try to fix it on the moon. But when a child is taken care of, there is another to take their place. It’s a never-ending sequence of events. I mean, there are thousands of children are dying of hunger. We feed a few more to come. Then, we are fed hungry again sooner. The thing is, we never have enough to keep up with everything. It is good to donate, because no matter how little or how much it is, you can make a difference to the child. Would not you be grateful for a good meal? Perhaps a person can not change the world, but you can another person.

help Reply charles_e_love
food is political. Some governments may not want a particular segment of the population to receive the aid, or if there is a civil war in this country, it can be given no safe and practical way for food or any help to the needy. Some rebels or government soldiers in these impoverished nations like the food for themselves. While the non-combatants (civilians) starve to death or are forced to another region or nation caused more chaos, tension and conflict to migrate. Look what hapened in N.Ö., ie. Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of people were left to themselves because of the sheer incompetence. And this is the most powerful nation on earth! Scary. The Red Cross had a few thousand volunteers ready and willing to go and help there, but the RC is not the infrastructure or a basic SOP for getting there, accommodations, etc. I do not knock anyone for support “starving” nations, etc ., but most people do not know that it takes more than money to improve the human condition.

Reply by jim d
WAKE UP! It should be rich animal feed. Do you honestly believe the children are getting any relief from your donations? Some organizations are reputable, but the bulk of the money goes to ads to get more money, administrative costs, and believe it or not, profits. Not all organizations are non-profit.

why are a few of my fish slowly dying?

Posted in Babysitting on 25th July 2011

why are a few of my fish slowly dying?
I have a 30 gallon hex tank and started out with 4 black mollies, 3 black skirt tetras and 4 swordtails about 4 months ago. Every couple weeks since then one by one all of the swordtails and 1 of the blk molly would hang out at the bottom of the tank by itself and only come up to eat (when other fish went near them they would go hide someplace else). They all looked perfectly healthy but all unfortunately wound up dying. The other fish have flourished the whole time and one of my black mollies gave birth, 8 survived. Once the surviving babies got big enough I put them back in the tank and added 3 silver mollies about 4 weeks ago. So I currently have 11 black, 3 silver mollies and the 3 tetras but as of yesterday 1 of the silver mollies is “sitting” on the bottom and showing the same symptoms the other fish did before passing away. I do regular weekly water changes and the water tests out perfect (I even brought some to the store to double check). Any idea what could be the cause?

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Answer by Joel D
Baby fish are a good indicator. If that many survived, then I would say it’s not a problem with your water. One thing I can think of is that you may have over crowded your tank. A good rule of thumb is 4 square inches of surface area for every inch of fish. While the number of fish can be increased if you take good care of your tank, keep in mind that a 30 gal. hex doesn’t have as much surface area as a 30 gal. rectangular. Try puting in a bubble stone and as your local pet store what else may be wrong.

Answer by dogluver
It could be that your tank is not established enough yet. I had the same problem for a couple months. Best thing to do is to buy a stabilizing mixture of some sort (I forgot what they are called but I know they exist) get a couple more live plants in, change the water less often and let a bit of algae grow. I have found that the fish are often healthier the less you mess with their water. Also you could try some aquarium conditioning salt for freshwater fish . There is really no quick solution, you have to let the tank become stabilized before your fish will be happy.