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Duties of a Denver Child Support Lawyer

Posted in Child Support on 18th May 2011

Duties of a Denver Child Support Lawyer

Child support is paid for the purpose of assisting the custodial parent in expenses related to raising the common child.  This ensures that it is both parents who are contributing financially to the raising of the child.

Following the separation of two parents, a child support order may be issued to one of the two parents.  Most likely, it is the non-custodial parent or otherwise the higher earning parent who is required to pay the child support.  However, a large factor in calculating who will pay and how much is the amount of time each parent spends with the child.  If the non-custodial parent spends a significant amount of time with the child, the amount of child support he/she must pay may be reduced.  Talk to your Denver child support lawyer if you feel you are eligible for a reduced child support order.  A child support order describes exactly when, how often, and how much child support must be paid.

The child support payment amount is determined by a court depending on the parents’ income.  Other factors which impact the amount of child support include the number of children, medical conditions, special educational needs, and travel expenses for visitation.  The Denver guidelines for calculating child support can be found by contacting the Colorado Judicial Department.  A Denver child support lawyer can also describe to you the process of calculating a fair child support amount.

In Denver, a parent who is required to pay child support may do so by sending a check to the Family Support Registry (FSR) or by using automatic withdrawals.  The automatic withdrawal system will automatically deduct the required payment from a paycheck when it is do.  This saves the parent from having to remember to send the check or missing a payment.  Consult a Denver child support lawyer to find the most practical payment option for you.

The receiving parent can collect the child support money in two ways.  One way is to sign up for a direct deposit, which allows the FSR to send the money directly into the parent’s bank account.  The other method is to use an FSR card.  The FSR card can be used the same way one would use a debit card and can be used anywhere VISA is accepted.  When the FSR card is used to pay for something, the money will automatically be deducted from the FSR account.  A Denver child support lawyer can also suggest the most practical option given the parent’s situation.

The payment of child support is no longer required once the child reaches maturity, which is often defined as age 18 or 19.  The payment of child support can be extended if the child becomes a full-time student in college.  The payment of child support can also be discontinued if the child goes into active duty in the military, dies, or becomes self-supporting.  If you feel you are no longer required to pay child support, talk to your Denver child support lawyer.

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