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Dumb question, but should i do it ?

Posted in Babysitting on 13th March 2014

Dumb question, but should i do it ?
im “baby sitting” my uncles dogs for him, and honestly im starving. He has a tube of cookie dough in his freezer and im wondering if it would be okay if i ate it? he had 2 but i ate the other one about a month ago. haha so should I?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Househunter
I wouldn’t. Unless you plan on replacing it before he gets back.

Answer by Allison
haaha if you want to 🙂 well you are baby sitting his dogs so…

Answer by modulator
If you want a massive stomach ache go ahead but I wouldn’t recommend it

Answer by hidden moon
lol yes.. who cares its cookie dough

Answer by cutie pie
You would regret it afterwards bcuz your stomach would prob cramp up even tho it didnt happen to me till a day later but order pizza or something

Answer by Seeker
he’s your family and family shares everything!! go for it!

Answer by Thalia Montanez
If I was you I would just get half and then if he says you could have it you eat the rest If not you left half for him .

Answer by r4d4
Dooooo it!!!!!! 😀

Answer by some guy