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I fear that people drop my baby! Please help?

Posted in Babysitting on 2nd November 2010

question from Thursday Child : I fear the people drop my baby! Please help?
My baby is 6 months old this week. It was deleted from a teenager when she was 4 months and I was traumatized (as I want my daughter to me). A few weeks later, her aunt dropped almost. None of them was to support her and she was sitting on the lap before I do that they just can “sit” on their own realisiert.Jetzt I’m extremely paranoid that others fall to her. I tried to ignore the concerns and convince me that they are ok, but its not currently working, and I have panic attacks if anyone but me, husband, or her grandparents was halten.Meine small you always have a back-archer been, so I’m not sure if this is part of the problem. People seem to pick them up and then expect them to keep themselves and against their chest – and then she bends backwards and nearly falls. This has happened several times now and I’m ready, people who say my baby has the plague or something, nobody will pick them up and drop her! Does anyone have experience? You get back archers finally equalize? Why people do not “get it” and support them so they do not fall / almost fall? Many thanks for your replies Best Answer:
reply reeba202 all babies is their fair share and then some of leakage. They will survive and be just fine. You are resilient little Kerle.Rufen you say and maybe Gentle Reminders: “Be careful, she’s a squirm’s” Everything will be fine. : O)

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Have mothers who drop their children in kindergarten and feed drive through or in the microwave to keep good mothers?

Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question of Ryde-On : Do mothers who drop their children in kindergarten and feed drive through or in the microwave to keep good mothers ?
When she dresses the child, shuttles them nurseries, works all day, picks, leads her through drive and puts them to bed, repeat the cycle, where the “good mother” part is? Lyn, which means the ? allow ? A 1 / 2 hour in the morning and maybe an hour of the night may sing songs on the way to kindergarten Best Answer:

answer Know It All
Every mother – I mean every mother and that mothers who were prostitutes, drug addicts, pedophiles are themselves the best of mothers who think their children ever get. It is only natural.

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