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What is the best way to remove small, formula stains at the neckline of a young baby’s onsies, dresses, etc.?

Posted in Toddlers on 1st December 2010

What is the best way to remove small, formula stains at the neckline of a young baby’s onsies, dresses, etc.?
Hi! I’m a seller on e-bay who specializes in adult clothing. Well, I now have a client who would like me to sell all of her her baby’s newborn – 12 month clothes. About 1/2 of the 150 pieces were never worn – I mean how many onesies can a baby model in one day? Ha Ha

Of the other 1/2, 95% were worn 1-2 times and are in absolutely perfect condition.

NOW, I’M VERY PICKY ABOUT WHAT I PUT MY NAME ON WHEN IT COMES TO MY E-BAY SELLER REPUTATION. I want everything, sparkling clean, every button inplace, no sign of the slightest tear, etc. I’ve worked hard for my reputation and I want to keep it.

Here’s my dilemma – I have 15 pieces (mostly onsies) that, RIGHT AT THE COLLAR – where the baby’s bib probably slipped down a bit, there is a 1/2″ – 1 1/2″ slight discoloration – which I already know is baby formula. Now, I take each item and examine it outside to make sure I don’t miss even the slightest stain – I know, there’s medication for folks like me! So, the more normal person would miss at least 8 of these stains. BUT I KNOW THEY ARE THERE and they won’t ‘go to market’ with any stain whatsover. I’d rather pull the item from the lot than to sell it with a stain.

Here’s my question: Of the products on the market right now (and remember that we’re dealing with delicate, soft, cuddly pastel 100% cotton fabric – that has had the stain “washed in” does anyone know what stick, spray, soak, incantation or whatever might work to REMOVE THE STAIN – BUT NOT DISSOLVE THE FABRIC?

If these 15 items weren’t as cute as a bug’s ear (and isn’t that a most disgusting saying….) I’d donate them to charity right now. But they are simply precious and I owe my client the best return on her investment of clothing.

Thanks to all the Moms and Dads who can offer me some thoughts. I’ve never had a child (CAN YOU TELL??) and am just getting used to “2T” meaning “2 Toddler” rather than “2 Tall.” And what the heck is “toddling” anyway and why should I even worry about it? Oh, I tell you raising a little one is a VERY SPECIAL world and God Bless all of you who’ve taken on the task.

Meanwhile, I’ll just keep tring to brush my kiitten’s teeth… [See, I don’t have it entirely easy, either!! Ha Ha]

Thanks. BTW – serious answers only – I don’t need to be told I’m nuts to worry about this. I’ve already explained why I’m obsessed – it’s my reputation on the line. Okay – give me some good ideas – I’m anxiously waiting!!


Best answer(s):

Answer by tay
wash and dry the clothes in the washing/drying machine. keep the baby in them.

Answer by aka me
I’ve had three in diapers at one time so I know a little about stains. A gentle and great stain remover is called Bac-Out. It is an enzyme cleaner made by Bio Kleen. You can also fill a bucket or tub and soak the onsies with a denture tablet or two. Drying in the sun also helps.