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Dreamed I wore a very white baby / toddler?

Posted in Toddlers on 13th October 2013

Dreamt I wore a very white baby / toddler?
it was not my child I took care of it and read it Gaelic? Read stories I felt it on my hip, it carries the herum.Was No, I can not but have some Irish ancestors Best Answer (s):.

Reply by danny
babies are new and knocked in purity. White is a symbol of innocence. Even tho you do not understand the child you care for it as a parent. Can you read when your awake Gaelic (curious)? It could be that you feel some stress associated with new responsibilities that you do not want, but are fully capable of handling.

response from UMB to go
Very little, but maybe it’s a word game. The child is probably you – you take care of yourself, tell yourself a story. It is a story of their own desires, an Irish ~ “I wish” story (“Gaelic”). (If you are a child lisped it is also not much of a pun.) The child is snow white (“very white baby / toddler”). Snow White of course was of an evil Queen, her stepmother in Grimm’s version of history is plagued. So, you may console themselves with stories of desires that are true someday when your evil stepmother are free can. (Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.) U