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Why is my nice caring “boyfriend” weighing me down and making me crazy??

Posted in Child Care on 25th September 2011

Why is my nice caring “boyfriend” weighing me down and making me crazy??
I have been seeing this guy for 2 months. From our first date, I became “his girl” in his eyes. At first i loved all the attention, and i know he is genuine. After a couple of weeks, of seeing each other daily, I needed some space, and told him it was too much. We are both in our late 30s.He talks about the future all the time about how wonderful this Christmas will be, and vacations etc… and he really doesn’t seem to ever live in the moment. He has to tell me everyday how much he loves me, how much he misses me after an hour apart and how beautiful i am over and over every day.He wants to do everything for me.
I tell him lets take it a day at a time, and just relax and enjoy each other. I have children and a home and a life, that keeps me busy. I want him in my life but not my whole life yet He just says he knows we will be together forever and talks about marriage and the future all the time. I don’t know why it just weighs me down. Tried to tell him to take it slow with no changes
Also he does have a great job. He is really cute. I don’t why he just seems so needy to me. He just seems like he has no life other than wanting to be with me. When I tell him things I have done with the kids etc,, instead of being genuinely happy, he feels left out and says I wish I were there like all the time. Is there anything wrong with me wanting to take things gradually?

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Answer by Bella B
if telling him doesn’t work then show him. go on day trips without him, and make arrangements with other people. regain your own space and identity and tell him clearly but kindly that you are doing that in order to save the wonderful relationship you have.

Answer by Wonder
*sigh* guys can sometimes be stubborn (lol thats an nderstatement). and they cant take clues so you just have to repeat yourself until you are heard and understood. Make your point clear, and whenevr you find him suffocationg you again, just remind him that hes doing it again. it might require patience, but eventually the message should get through:)

Answer by Let me GO
My bf did the same….I had to break it off because were at two different stages in our life right now. He want marriage and proposed and wanting to be the nice person I accepted but then I realized I didnt want what he wanted and realized i was wasting my time and his and I loved him but I had to let him go so he can find the RIGHT girl for him. So if you dont want what he wants let him go.

Answer by manish_nsit1
ya guess u r dumb :p

Answer by ♥♥csigirl♥♥
Maybe hes making u crazy because he loves u so SO much!! And he wants to spend the rest of his life with u that’s y he keeps telling u that!!

Answer by chick magnet
no i dont think so

Answer by Tracy B
no,but you sure enjoy it,because if you keep pushing him away he might not come back to you.

Answer by Cinnamon
Ever heard the saying You can have what you want but you can’t have it all? He is in love, your not…Your job should be raising your kids..They don’t need men in and out of there life. Time to send him on his way…Nicely of course…

I have question in regards to Down Syndrome?

Posted in Child Care on 24th April 2011

I have question in regards to Down Syndrome?
Just about the main reason people tell me that they would choose to abort a Down Syndrome pregnancy is because they say that the child will need to be “taken care of” for the rest of their lives.

They say that the siblings would be “burdened” with “taking care” of the child, once the parents die.

And that the child would eventually end up livng a “sad life” in a “mental facility.”


My question is:

Is there a better alternative to this picture? Is THIS really how all people with Down Syndrome are going to end up????

eg. The Arc Communities started by Jean Vanier?

Or Community Living arrangements?

Best answer(s):

Answer by penjewel31
I would say that people’s perception of those with developmental disabilities, and Down Syndrome in particular, are becoming more positive. The older generation still sees families that have a child with a disability is a burden, but they are reflecting on how things were 20-30 years ago. There are so many opportunities in place now that are alternatives from the typical things such as ARC, sheltered workshops, group homes, and I think that it’s only going to get better. Our society is much more accepting of disabilities because of the way they are portrayed to us out in the real world. Individuals with disabilities are treated as a whole person now, and the general public is slowly catching on. I am very optomistic that things are looking up!

Answer by a_gondos_gotta_do
A lot of people with downs syndrome don’t out live their parents, the average life expectancy is actually around 50 years. Depending on how involved the family is to begin with during the early years of the child’s life there is a lot of stuff that can be done early on to improve the skills of Down’s children later. There are tons of services available to the family, many of them are free, provided because the child has special needs. These services can be obtained through grant based agencies like healthy families and first steps. Some can live on their own with an assistant who comes to check in, with a paid roommate, or in a group home setting not in a mental facility or an institution. Group homes, paid roommates, and assistants, have minimal invasive qualities for the person. There are also other options. There are job training programs and job coaches available to shadow them at work. There are Vocational Rehabilitation programs and Day programs they can attend if they can not work in the public sector where they have a job like making trash bags, light bulbs, crafts and the like, or they attend classes and have friends. They have active social lives, boyfriends/girlfriends, play cards, make jokes, attend partyies and dances, etc…Lots of time the Down’s child is greatly loved by the siblings and the child is invited into the home of the siblings. Down’s children are very friendly, inquisitive, gentle, loving, caring, and misunderstood. They are only a burden by those who want to see them as a burden and not as a blessing.

Babysitting Part Time – Track Down Fine Part Time Babysitters!

Posted in Babysitting on 16th December 2010

Babysitting Part Time – Track Down Fine Part Time Babysitters!

On the quest for a quick and easy method of locating babysitting part time? Parents all need, at one time or another, a switch from the tiring day-to-day responsibility of watching kids. If you are without close friends or relatives who can be called at a moment’s notice, then retaining a reliable babysitter can be a huge support. One of the most reliable and efficient ways of finding a sitter is to use a web-based babysitting service. Follow these simple guidelines and discover how to locate a care giver by using suitable websites.

If you want to find a babysitter you can rely on, you probably know what you’re looking for and need – maturity and level of experience, transportation requirements, what they charge, how much school they’ve attended, necessary skills… There are many child care specialists who might seem to be suitable, at issue is – how and where to look for the one you really need? The best way to search for babysitting part time is to utilize nationwide internet babysitting services that have the best data to coordinate between prospective employees and employers who both live in the same geographic region.

These are actually web-based baby sitting agencies which provide tools that enable you to define the requirements for the type of person you need and after a very brief search provide you with a list of suitable candidates. The childcare giver locator application can go through and evaluate each babysitter profile and to pair it up with an appropriate family. In this way, you can find babysitting professionals, full time or part time, university students or older, who conveniently live near to you.

Highly specialized childcare employment firms will make it possible to connect with possible childcare providers via their own simple communication system. This means an easy method of communicating with potential sitters and allows you to make the first move in interviewing the candidates. Online babysitter sites also offer help and guidelines in many serious questions having to do with engaging a childcare provider, such as the baby sitter background check and interview procedure. Finding babysitting part time can take place by using a no-charge babysitter locator which is a usual part of every online babysitting firm, however, getting in touch with potential employees calls for your becoming a paying member. Considering the efficiency of these babysitter finding and matching applications, they seem to be a very fast and cost-effective solution. If you want to treat yourself to a night out to check out a new eatery or see a movie and your usual babysitter is booked up, then we can offer an easy solution. You’re just a moment or two away from locating someone who is just what you need!