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Don’t miss the Coolest Play competition in Mumbai for Toddlers this week

Posted in Child Support on 23rd August 2018

Wow mother! Thanks for sending me right here, I want to come right here every single day” exclaimed Kiaan to his mother for getting him to the continuing playdate which commenced on 20th August at Mindseed centres & goes to finish on the 25th. Put up his common morning playgroup session & a brief snack break Kiaan had one more reason to celebration at college & his mommy received an extension of two hours time for herself.

Day 1 – Monday – Introduction

Began with circle time which included Prayers, introduction of all youngsters for them to know one another and rhymes. To deal with advantageous motor abilities, they made the children put beads in a bottle and shake it to listen to the sound. It ended with some music and motion actions like ft thumping, clapping and taking part in some devices.

Day 2 –Tuesday – Centered on Story-time, Puppet present & Gross Motor abilities

The children loved studying to make puppets for the story “A Very Hungry Caterpillar” & narration for a similar was achieved. They even feasted on candy issues like Sevaiya as one of many snack provided to them via which they had been considered EID.  Together with this they jumped on trampolines, from mat to mat & moved between / round objects pretending to be a prepare and a motorcar.

Day three – Wednesday – Vacation on the event of Bakri EID

This week lengthy playdate taking place at Mindseed centres throughout Maharashtra might be specializing in gross motor abilities, free play, clay modelling, rakhi making, and so forth. The plan of motion for the following days of the week is as follows:

Day four – Thursday – Paint & Play

Children will get pleasure from some Free Playtime within the enormous out of doors areas that Mindseed centres have. Enjoyable on see-saw, bouncers, rockers, slides, and so forth might be part of this present day. In addition they intend to make the children do some wet-on-wet Portray, youngsters will begin with a single major colour earlier than attempting two major colours after which lastly three major colours. After the kid has had the chance to work with two colours for a time, the third major colour could be added in. This enables the kid the chance to completely expertise every colour.

Day 5 – Friday – Clay Modelling

There’s something very stress-free about taking part in with clay whilst an grownup.  The tactile nature of clay lets younger youngsters develop their imaginations and their motor abilities whereas having enjoyable. At Mindseed, the little ones will use their palms at making fundamental ball form, an egg form, a pancake, a volcano, a snake, a sausage and a ribbon. Additional to this they’re free to make use of their creativeness to make issues of the clay.

Day 6 – Saturday – Rakhi Making

The Playdate celebration ends with crafting a Rakhi for his or her siblings. Information on significance of Rakshabandhan might be shared with the children within the type of a narrative to curiosity them. Moreover, making a rakhi may even assist them domesticate hand eye synchronization and advantageous motor abilities.

Register Right here for the playdate in Mumbai & Pune at Mindseed Facilities.

A debate that I don’t understand?

Posted in Child Care on 30th May 2014

A debate that I don’t understand?
Recently, I saw a debate that I couldnt quite figure out. The debate was about some lesbians who want there children to call them “daddy” or “father”, be the man of the house and being called “daddy” in bed. Alot of the people didn’t agree with the children calling them “daddy” because in there quote, it might “confuse” the child.

I didn’t know what to think of it.

Has anyone ever heard of this before ? And do you agree or disagree ?

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Answer by John Honor
The arbitrary distortion of reality, and compelling children to honor it, is one of the more sickeningly vicious sorts of child abuse.

Edit: I’m greatly pleased, judging by the thumbs down I’ve earned, to have offended so many whom I’d have thought incapable of understanding me, and whom it can only benefit to know how deeply and how bitterly I despise them.

Answer by J
I doubt that really exists, except for the in bed part.

Answer by One Day
I have never heard about that, but Im sure it happens….to each their own I guess.

Answer by D’
I find it absurd that anyone would engage in such an act. But knowing how f*cked up the world is, I am not going to argue against that.

Answer by *crys*
I don’t think it would cause any permanent damage, but don’t do that, my kids call me and my girlfriend mama and mommy. as long as theres no proof that it is likely to cause any long term damage

Answer by katydint
I don’t disagree because they should be able to have their family (and role titles) any way they want it.
Children, no matter what confusion greets them from home, are ‘straightened out’ fast enough by school, neighbors, media, family, etc. The children will see the different designs of family composition as they grow, and will by nature compare. By the time they’re adults, they’ll have had a lot to think about, and will decide what feels right for each of them, as they look to having their own households and families.

“I don’t care what you call me, just don’t call me late for dinner”

Answer by τнατ gιгℓ ♫
Power to them. Maybe the lesbian couple’s thinking is that, for example, on early school assignments, there’s going to be a line for Mother and Father. Just to make things easier, one parent will be the “father.” Honestly, I think it’s better for the child to understand in its early years that he/she has two mothers rather than one father and one mother.

Maybe it gives them some kind of normalcy in their relationship. But if I were the second non-daddy lesbian in the relationship, I wouldn’t want to call my partner “Daddy.” She didn’t fall in love with a man, she fell in love with a woman.

Answer by Noname
I have never, ever heard of a lesbian couple where on wanted to be called daddy. From my experience, gay parents let their kids decide what to call them, usually some thing like mommy and ma. Or daddy and papa.
Maybe there is a lesbian couple where one wants to be called daddy, but I’ve never heard of it. Maybe you are confusing female to male transsexuals for lesbians. A transman is a man, and is transitioning to physically be a man, so of course if he had kids he would be the dad. And I think wanting your partner to call you “daddy” during intercourse is a personal preference, one I doubt Every, Single transman shares.

Answer by auty
Yes I heard it, it was pretty out there. I disagree and agree with the people who said it would confuse the child. After all they have two moms, so? In my case for a little while they just had me until I met my love.

That isn’t the only reason though. There is no “daddy” in the house. If they needed discipline I would provide it, although hell at 19 and 17 there was very little need. They are 25 and 23 now with the older girl being married with a baby.

Answer by Gary
Unless you are in the position of making this decision for yourself and a child, what concern is it to you. Whether two or more people are married is really no one elses business. How two or more people who care for a child decide to be called by that child is no body elses business. What would most confuse the child would be those “other” people who “care” about the terms used–who are they to me (the child thinks); why do they have a say in my familys business? They don’t, is the answer. If you keep reminding the child that church and state are artificial institutions which he should never respect, the kid will grow up just fine! Government is ineffectual; religion is outdated.

SUKI………..why is she doing this to me ? Why do some people don’t understand others emotions ?

Posted in Child Care on 1st May 2014

SUKI………..why is she doing this to me ? Why do some people don’t understand others emotions ?
In my contacts there is a woman colled Suki. Her answers are just sublime….fantabulous.
I don’t know who she is, or how she looks, but still I have fallen in love with her..
By love I just don’t mean anything nasty , but that I respect her, I have a certain degree of affection for her and I do “feel” for her.. as a friend feels for a friend. She doesn’t allow emails , so how on earth would I talk to her .
I have posted this question again and again ……and 3 weeks ago she saw it and wrote a few lines to me as answers. She also mentioned that she isn’t interseted in talking to strangers. Well, since I took this much “pain” from all around this globe to contact her , is it not her responsibility to give me ONE chance to talk to her ? I just want to know more about you SUKI, to know more about what you feel, how you think , and if possible try to be your friend. I am just a college student and what harm could I possibly do to u SUKI ?
I have been in a relationship with you for the past 7 months. The only thing is that, you don’t know it.
Please GOD, give me atleat one chance to talk to my SUKI please…..
And my friends in Yahoo! Answers, please tell me…. am I that much wrong and unethical in asking to just talk to her ??
P.s She is a psychologist and I have no intentions in asking from therapy from her over the net, because this is what she thought when she answered and read my question 3 weeks ago.I have no intentions in crossing her professional lines….All I ask is for a little friendship.
Is it too much to ask for ONE chance friends ???
Maybe my tone sounded a little “taken for granted”. Forgive me Suki if I have hurt you again. But believe me, I am on my knees when I am writing this …..I PRAY TO HIM THAT SUKI READS THIS AND WRITES BACK SOMETHING TO ME…..

And why is it that I feel so helpless so frustrated and so “sad” when I learnt that she smokes ? Why does it troubles me to know that it would do harm to her ? At my heart, I feel that she is very good and she has a gleeful “child” somewhere within her who loves to relax with movies and junk food……..
I don’t know why am I thinking about her…..
help me Suki, whereevr you are,,,,,,,I again “plead before you”

Best answer(s):

Answer by SQPR
You’re a creeper, dude.

Answer by kiri
She probably doesn’t like you. It’s better to just leave her alone than to let her get freaked out if you really “care” about her.

Answer by Mo
you are both a creeper and a pathetic fool. your emotions arnt real your just in some kind of fantasy. dont ask God or anyone else to help you with such foolishness. wake up and try getting to know someone for real before claiming your in love and stalking their life