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Where is the actual document/bill for Obama’s Free Health Care?

Posted in Child Care on 26th November 2010

Where is the actual document/bill for Obama’s Free Health Care?
He didn’t unveil anything. Where is the document that is going to be voted on?

Empty promises Part 1

Obama Unveils Universal Health Care Plan

Empty promises Part 2

Organizing for America

Congressmen aren’t signing off on websites. Where is the document?

This is a document of Emergency Economic Stabilization ACT of 2008
Thats an example of a bill. Of course we didn’t have anytime to read it by the time it was passed. I hope its not the same faint for Health Care.

So far I haven’t found anything that is a solid proposal. Everything has been propaganda on useless websites

My conclusion is that we are going to have a Universal Health Package passed before it’s even written. No American will say anything because they are memorized by the pretty title “Universal Health Care”. It could say kill your children if they are sick or deny elderly any care but whatever i didn’t read the bill ……its got a good title.

If I’m wrong please tell me where the document is. Where does the public get to read what’s being passed? Is it a crime for the public to get a copy of a bill before it gets passed?
So far i’m not in support of a document that hasn’t been finalized and i don’t know whats in it.
July 14, 2009 (12:51 p.m.)

Yeah its been out for so long sorry. 1018 pages hope you have a nice time reading it.

Its not like these things make national news or anything. 99% of news seems to be about MJ’s death or Sarah Palin. I would be surprized if 20 seconds of news was dedicated to this letting everyone know the bill was out there.

The problem I see is we have been talking about this issue for so long but the actual bill (And God only knows if its gonna be revised), has only been out since Tuesday.
HR 1424: Emergency Stabilization Act of 2008
March 09, 2007

Voted on by House
March 05, 2008

Voted on by Senate
October 01, 2008 (Keep in mind it was being edited all the way to this point)

Considered by president and became law on
October 03

Forgive me if I’m a little bitter that the finalized document to the time its actual passed was only two days.

Now we have a Health care proposal, which i thank you for proving me wrong, as of Tuesday is 1018 pages (much longer than the HR 1424)

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Answer by harry g
it is on a desk somewhere being rewritten again and again until the politicians get what no one wants

Answer by Adam B
H.R. 3200:

Is it so hard to do five minutes’ worth of research before you start criticizing?

Edit: Just admit that you are wrong and delete this question already. Stop trying to misdirect or change the issue.

Answer by Slightly Dark Francis
Here is the measure of Y!A idiocy:

That took me 30 seconds.

I know it would have taken longer for you, but still…

Answer by Loser
I can think of two cases where children were killed by doctors. One was Hitler’s Germany. Doctors killed deformed children, cross eyed, autistic, etc. Yes, Aryan, Then there was Stalin, who killed 10 million Russians of all ages.

Answer by Diana
Thank you for a least asking the over 1T dollar question. Right now I just can’t give an answer that will not get me in violation.
Come on the pure stupidity of some of these people. The government does not need to stick their noses in this. Look how they have messed up medicaid and medicare programs.