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Jon and Kate Plus 8 – Divorce and Child Support

Posted in Child Support on 5th January 2018

It has now been confirmed; Jon and Kate Gosselin are headed for divorce court. Given the possible continuation of the TV show, it’s a case of art imitating life. What’s sad is there are EIGHT children in the middle of this controversy and the parents continue to air their personal troubles on camera for the world to see! What’s even more disturbing is that Jon and Kate wish to continue the show right up to their divorce….

They recently stated on the show, “It’s just not good for us to be arguing in front of our kids and we just; if we can’t be cordial with one another then we decide to separate.” Kate then states that she is not very fond of the idea but says she “knows it’s necessary because my goal is peace for the kids and um, if peace needs to be brought about by this then I’m in agreement.” Kate then went on to explain that the kids will remain living in their house, meaning the house and grounds belong to the kids.

According to their separation agreement terms, Kate and Jon will take turns staying at the original family home when they each have their visitation. Jon agreed in the interview that the kids would be best protected and feel more secure by living at the house.

So several clients have asked me, if this separation is real, will either party be required to pay any form of child support for the eight children? And the answer is… IT DEPENDS. As mentioned above, the children will continue to reside in the home and the parents will take time living in the residence, which tends to make the adjustment for the children a little easier in a divorce proceeding.

In terms of Child Support, for example, if Jon is earning more money than Kate, and Kate is spending more time with the children, it is quite possible that he will be required to pay child support. However, if they are “sharing” custody of the children, and they both earn similar incomes, a child support obligation may not exist. Also, they might mutually agree to forego child support – that’s also a possibility.

Considering they both earn something from their reality show – probably similar earnings – any child support obligation one could have to the other will be minimal.

Whatever is done in the dissolution (divorce process) or with child support, hopefully the children will have a smooth transition…

How do you deal with a husband who divorce do you live?

Posted in Child Care on 16th January 2014

How do you deal with a husband who divorce do you live?
My husband has been essentially on arguments and I did not give him money to go on.I one who is insulted’m thrown me out, but he turned it around on me Cux his stupid mother owns our building that you can see where the problems lies here? How do I live with it until I can afford, with him not wanting to be next to me to tell me he “did not care” if I decide something only total cold that I can not speak nor stand out. He acts like I’m a terrible stranger, and I am the mother of his beautiful son! How I do it live with it until I can afford to leave here. He gave me about a month, “how generous hey?” to find a place on low resources. He took all my money and I paid rent for the month in our place so I’m broke and now feel helpless basically. Anyone have this where you were forced to deal with spouses who you this due to the fact u have no money to move live treated Best Answer (s):?

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sleep naked.

Answer by here in my arms
for a total ass you have any friends who are willing to help you and u are to remain in place for a while what you desperately need would to get out of this environment havtrotzdem can he throw him it deserves, I hope that you really find a solution soon.

Reply Carleyheart
you do not have to take off … If you have to move out, then you need to pay rent. Just do not let him bother you. Ignore him. Only with him to talk when it concerns your child. It would look really bad threw his wife and child on the street. If he wants you need from it to help you.

Reply allansc2005
Just stay in your room and play with people on your computer.

Herding C Reply
a shelter for abused women in your area connection. You might have the names and numbers of some agencies that can help you können.Sie

Answer by Mark H have a friend you could stay with them and pay rent in the future?
you have out now. Your child can because that things are terribly wrong. You can find a friend or someone who for a while. perhaps to talk to several people and arrange to stay a few weeks at each place until you can get a own site. if all else fails, talk to someone from a shelter. can stay with him only harm you and your child emotionally and none of you can afford it. Happiness. You can find someone to talk to.

Reply mokermaker
You do not need a man who is set to divorce life. There are probably women stands somewhere near you. You are you and your son in and give you all the help you need to get to his feet. I’m sorry you and your son go through such a bad time. You should ask your son to get away from an apartment that so much excitement going around in them ASAP. Best of luck!

Answer by Moxie
girlfriend to talk to a lawyer you need! If you plan on keeping custody of your son – he has money to help you and your son move to give yourself. The fact that the mother owns the building is tacky, but I can not imagine this woman will cast her grandson on the road to me. Fight for custody of your son – then all the cards in your hand sein.Ich be aware that you have no money, but you can contact your local Bar Association call on the lookout for a referral law. A lot of lawyers will give you a free consultation. Depending on your financial situation, much of the time the husband to your legal bills to bezahlen.Es are also women’s shelters that can help you in this situation, especially if you feel that you will be in danger. If nothing else they can help with legal advice. Your husband sounds insulting. Good luck to you!

Reply cfoster001
This shows you that your husband does not really care about your son or you. There must be reasons why he throws at you. Not sure what it is, even he not.When just gives you a month to figure out what you need to do, then you can consider going to bring the social services for help. Say happy and let them know that there is an emergency or you are homeless. Or you may want to go to protect a woman if you are abused. Just do not tell him where you are going, or where to move you, only for your Sicherheit.In the meantime, you must do what you can to get some funds in your son and you are feeding. By the way, where are your parents? If they live nearby, then go live with them for a while until you get back on your feet to bekommen.Während life with this man, because he is not a good husband or father …… You just have to ignore him. Not a word not to him. Why even talk to him if he gives you the cold shoulder? It’s like talking to the wall. Just ignore him and spend time with your son. Before you know it, the month will go by fast …. but your parents are calling for you to come home You kann.Tun right for your son. (Smile)

Answer from Rock Rock
Be nice and just as evil as he is ….. Men have a problem when it comes to eating another man come to their cookies. Do not do it just make him think that you do it. You should also check to in your area for some female support programs, most cities have them.

Understanding Child Support Obligations After a Divorce in Georgia

Posted in Child Support on 17th February 2012

Understanding Child Support Obligations After a Divorce in Georgia

Article by Jeff Dublin

Providing financial support for a child after a divorce is a critical concern for both parties. The child is entitled to adequate support from both parents and it is often left to the courts to determine what amount is fair and reasonable. Each state has its own set of divorce law which may or may not be the same as other states. In 2007 a new child support law took effect in the state of Georgia. There are several components in this new law and it’s important that parents consult with a good lawyer, such as an Atlanta divorce attorney, to help them understand the new requirements.

The new Georgia child support law uses income modeling and requires the gross income of both parents. It is first important to understand what constitutes gross income under the state’s divorce law. Gross income means employment income and includes income from salary, bonuses, commissions, overtime, severance, and money earned through self employment. It also includes income from pensions, capital gains, trust income, and income from dividend and interest. Even occasional income is included such as lottery winnings, gifts, and prizes. A person should expect every kind of income to be included and should consult with an Atlanta divorce attorney if unsure whether certain funds are covered.

Once the monthly gross income for each party in the divorce is determined they are added together. This amount is called the combined adjusted income amount and it will be used with the state’s Child Support Obligation Table to determine the basic support obligation. According to the state’s divorce law, this support obligation will be applied to each parent’s proportional share of the adjusted income. This is what the non-custodial parent will pay.

For example, if the father’s income is 60% of the combined adjusted income amount and he is the non-custodial parent, then the father is obligated to provide 60% of the basic support. If in the same situation the mother is the non-custodial parent then she is obligated to pay 40% of the basic support. This can get complicated so each side should have their own lawyer, such as an Atlanta divorce attorney to ensure all incomes are reported and the support obligation is fairly split between the two parents.

There are other factors that can adjust the support amount. For example, if the father is the non-custodial parent, but he continues to pay for the child’s medical insurance after the divorce, then he will get a credit applied for the amount of the expense. Also per the divorce law the amount of support can be modified by deviations that provide for the child’s best interest. This can include extraordinary medical expenses or education expenses, or extracurricular expenses such as summer camp, provided the extra expense exceeds 7% of the basic support obligation. The new law also requires that each parent pays an agreed percentage of the child’s unpaid medical and dental